How Talkspace Helps Address ADHD And ADD

tech startup talkspace addresses adhd mental health

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) is one of the mental disorders that affect both children and adults. According to statistics, approximately 3% of adults and 8% of children or teens have ADD or ADHD. However, Talkspace, an online therapy company headquartered in New York, has set the pace in helping the patients. It has professional therapists who provide state-of-the-art counseling sessions privately to the clients. Furthermore, the company has won a reputation through its user-friendly mobile app. 

Symptoms Of ADHD 

ADHD is the failure to focus on a particular issue for a long time. On the other hand, hyperactivity is an abnormally active state of an individual. However, children exhibit more impulsive behavior than adults. Experts relate ADHD with schoolchildren who don't settle down in class after a playing session outside. 

Diagnosing ADHD 

Unlike other mental problems, experts experience challenges facilitating ADHD's diagnosis because symptoms vary with the environment. Stressful patients display severe symptoms, while stable ones have mild signs. Additionally, patients show different characteristics based on gender and age. It is noteworthy to mention that the process doesn't involve lab tests. Instead, physicians observe an individual's behavior and personal data. 

Major Causes of ADHD 

According to experts, most individuals battling ADHD inherit it from family members. Other causes include brain injuries and exposure to harmful elements, including lead. Mothers who use drugs, tobacco, and alcohol during pregnancy might expose unborn babies to ADHD. Low birth weights and premature births might also lead to the same mental health result. 

Predominantly Inattentive ADHD 

Individuals with this type of disorder don't finish tasks because they lose focus fast. Surprisingly, girls experience the condition more than boys. However, the children don't disrupt class activities, thus, not easily diagnosed. Alternatively, they forget to complete homework and daily chores. On the other hand, adults fail to complete small yet essential tasks. Lack of attention, poor time management, and careless mistakes are additional characteristics associated with the patients. 

Predominantly Impulsive ADHD 

Although individuals in this category fail to complete tasks, they display a high level of impatience. For example, they don't settle on one place, disrupt conversations, jump queues, run hysterically, and talk too much, among other behaviors. However, most individuals have a combination of the two types of ADHD that therapists from Talkspace address professionally. 

Effects Of ADHD In Children And Adults 

Most children display symptoms between the ages of three and twelve. Parents should watch out for recurring behaviors and short-term attention spans. Furthermore, children lose self-esteem and show drastic academic deterioration. 

Significant rare repercussions include autism, mood and anxiety, and opposition defiant disorder. On the other hand, adults miss deadlines, experience low self-esteem, and result in substance abuse. Others experience sleep problems, shaky relationships, and poor physical and mental health. 

Talkspace and other players who manage ADHD insist that the problem isn't always harmful. Furthermore, most people with ADHD are energetic and creative. Besides, they also help contribute to everyday matters despite their challenges. Additionally, ADHD medications and therapy have played an essential role in mitigating the symptoms. 

An Overview Of Talkspace 

Although stimulant and non-stimulant treatment methods have helped in ADHD treatment, the firm has played an essential role. Its professional therapists provide therapy sessions through chats, calls, and text messages. The company's establishment in 2012 by Oren Frank and his wife, Roni, opened a new chapter for individuals who embrace private therapy. The firm has restored millions of people's mental health, all from the comfort of their own homes in 2023.

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