eLearning Apps: What We've Learned In 2020

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Smartphones have made it easy to gain knowledge and find data at any time with just one touch. It is not just about the internet or the facts and supplies. The uses of smartphones have entered all the fields, whether it is business or education. The educational apps are now in trend and always top in the list of App Store. 

This new way of studying has sparked interest in the people. Knowing about educational apps is the first step in creating educational applications. If the thought of how to make an educational app has crossed your mind, then this is the right place to learn about educational apps. The link mentioned above will lead you to the article written by market experts in educational app development. 

Best Educational Applications 

The target audience and the methods of promotion depend on the type of online educational app created, and you can find more about it in the article

The categories of education applications are apps for children that focus on reading, writing, or sciences. Language learning apps and their creation questions discussed here, are the most popular type of educational applications. Let's look into the examples of some of these applications. 


Udemy is an educational application that offers various courses from technical to personality development. Udemy allows users to see videos online from a basic to advanced level, from teaching how to play guitar to business-related classes. The app is available for free in the play store, but you need to pay for your enrolling courses. Some courses are expensive and take longer to complete, while others are not that much expensive. 


Edx offers free online courses affiliated with some of the best universities. It offers over 2000 courses in chemistry, computer science, biology, business management, etc., and some of the subjects from universities like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, etc. 


Memrise is an application that uses repetitive flashcards to increase the vocabulary of the users. It offers 150 courses across 25 languages. The users find this app informative and straightforward, it includes games like Difficult Words, Speed Review, and Classic view, making learning exciting and fun. It offers a toolset to correct the pronunciation of the words and exercises to improve it. 


Duolingo is the best application if you wish to learn foreign languages at your own pace and time. With more than 12 options that include trending languages Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, etc., this is an excellent learning source. Duolingo application is a user-friendly app that uses augmented reality and virtual reality to make users learn efficiently. It uses pictures and audio to enhance learning and is beneficial for both beginning and advanced learning levels. 

Problems Faced In Using Educational Applications 

Educational apps are trending these days. There are numerous learning apps available in the market, and hence, there is a lot of competition to tackle. For a new educational app to be successful, it needs to be unique and have a few problems and bugs if possible. 

However, there are some common problems in most educational apps. It is better to check that an app is free from these problems. Also, if it has these issues, then how can you fix them. 

The primary purpose of educational apps is to make learning easier. However, many apps o does not focus enough on the type of content like tutorials they are putting up. If the tutorials are unclear or not according to the app's objective, they might stop using this app. 

Ensure that the teachers have a clear idea about the motive of the app and create tutorials according to the targeted audience. Creating proper tutorials may take more time, but it is worth it. 

Another common issue is the lousy user-interface. Every education wants to provide as many features as possible to their audience. Although, while doing so, the app becomes very complex and challenging to use. In that case, no matter how many learning techniques an app may offer, the audience will not take full advantage of it. Good eLearning app developers can help to solve this problem. 

eLearning App Creation Conclusion 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we can learn anything with educational apps for free. There are hundreds of such apps present in the elearning market. Hence, it is better to understand them if you are looking forward to creating an educational app.

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