3 Different Ways Of Providing Power To A Home

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There are many ways to power a home. A way that is becoming increasingly popular, though, is to use solar power. So, as well as the conventional methods used to power a home, we shall also consider solar power, given that it is a more sustainable source. We welcome companies such as solar Minneapolis who provide the solar panels which make it possible to avoid or reduce electricity or gas bills within our homes, while providing a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative. 


It was in 1883 that Thomas Edison invented the electric heater. Since then, electricity has been used as a source for heating the home. Electricity travels at 300,000 kilometres per second, the speed of light. Traditionally, it was produced by coal power stations which were great pollutants to the environment. Since then, alternative ways of generating it have been found. For instance, nuclear power stations. In addition, we can now generate electricity from the power of the sun. This will be discussed under the third heading. 

Electricity is hazardous in that it can produce a shock or burn if someone should touch any of the live parts involved in producing it. Arcing can cause a fire where there is an electrical fault. It is a case of knowing how to safely use electricity, but it does make us think about safer methods such as solar power. 


Most of the gas produced for use in homes is for heating water or rooms. Some is also used for cooking. The advantage of a gas radiator is that it can also dry clothes. Interestingly, most of the world’s bricks and cement are produced using natural gas as the heat source. 

A lesser-known fact is that an additive is put into natural gas to give it a smell. This is for safety, so that people can identify when they have a leak. If gas builds up and a spark ignites it then an explosion will result. So, in different ways, gas is no safer an alternative than electricity. 

Apart from the gas that is extracted in places such as the North Sea, which contains large gas and oil reserves, it can also be extracted from rock formations. This controversial method, because of the potential risks to the environment from subsequent earth movement, is called “fracking”. Gas is only currently extracted from light rock formations. Acidizing is also used as a similar method to “fracking”. The acid used, usually hydrochloric, will be injected into the well of the natural gas. It then dissolves the light rock which is blocking the flow of the gas. 

Solar Power 

Solar panels that we now see on roofs are becoming the norm. Many householders are discovering the benefits of this renewable energy source that can power their homes and save money on electricity and gas bills. And, as demonstrated above, be safer to use while being kinder to the environment. 

Solar cells are not a new technology, they date to 1883 when Charles Fritts, a New York inventor, first created a solar cell when he coated selenium with a thin layer of gold. Later, in the 1950s, Bell Labs produced solar cells for space activities. In 1953, Gerald Pearson begun his research into lithium-silicon photovoltaic cells. Then, on 25 April 1954, Bell labs announced the invention of the first ever practical silicon solar cell. In 1976, the first solar-powered calculator reached the market. It was the Sharp EL-8026 and was given the nickname “Sun Man”. This had brought two technologies together. Now, another use has been found for them – solar panels which fit to a roof, that are larger than on a calculator and have the capabilities of heating an entire home and producing enough surplus energy that there is some left over to sell to the grid. 

There is an interesting article that you can view online which talks about alternative energy sources, which you may find of interest. 

Power Up 

When it comes to powering your house or property, you need to consider the energy source options. Choose the one that is available and that makes the most sense from a cost, sustainability, maintenance, and environmental perspective.

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