3 International Corporate Social Responsibility Examples to Learn From

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Has your company adopted corporate social responsibility? 

As increasingly serious environmental, disease-related, and social issues face our world, many businesses have begun discussing how to eliminate their contributions and increase their positive impacts. 

When COVID-19 started spreading throughout the world, companies started to take corporate responsibility more seriously, with many choosing to allow workers to perform their jobs remotely. As time goes on, though, many began to wonder how they can advance their efforts to take their social responsibilities seriously. 

Below, we'll go into some excellent corporate social responsibility examples, which you and your business may want to emulate. 

Keep reading to learn more about corporate responsibility! 

1. Patagonia 

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, nearly no one does it as well as Patagonia. 

This outdoor clothing company recognizes its responsibility to create a positive impact on the environment. Considered "the activist company," it makes great efforts not only to make a profit, but to produce its products sustainably and with fair labor. 

When you purchase from Patagonia, 1% of all of your sales will go to funding grassroots environmental organizations. This helps ensure that you won't just get a fantastic coat with which to enjoy the outdoors, but that the outdoors will be around long enough for generations to appreciate them as well. 

As mentioned above, Patagonia also commits itself to fair labor. They are a founding member of the Fair Labor Association, and have even pulled out of areas where unfair labor occurs. 

Companies can learn from Patagonia's commitment to sustainability and ethical labor. While it's important to drive up profits, it's even more important to commit to fostering a fair world and a healthy environment. Patagonia has proven companies can be both socially responsible and successful. 

2. Bombas 

Bombas is an excellent example of how everyday little things can make a positive impact on the world. 

Normally, people don't think about what their socks can do. Most socks are a means to end: a cozy accessory to feet and a safeguard against blisters. 

Bombas, however, challenges the idea that socks can't be more. They saw the demand for socks in places like homeless shelters and decided to make a difference. Every time someone purchases a pair of socks, a pair gets donated to someone in need. 

Bombas demonstrates how companies can take their products and supply them to people in need. 

3. Coca-Cola 

But what if you discover that your company's current way of operating isn't socially responsible? 

Coca-Cola was in a similar situation. They learned that their trucks contributed 3.7 million tons of greenhouse gases, and they set out to change that and reduce their carbon footprint by 25%. They made changes to their practices, including finding different ways to fuel their trucks. 

Want more corporate social responsibility examples? Check out these ones from emerging markets. 

Inspired By These Corporate Social Responsibility Examples? 

Are you wanting to make your company more like these corporate social responsibility examples? 

Corporate responsibility is an important undertaking. After all, companies often contribute to the environment and fair labor, whether positively or negatively, and you should want your company to have as great an impact on the world as possible. 

Now that you know about the importance of corporate social responsibility, are you ready to get started on CSR?

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