When Does Hail Season End?

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I know we all wish we had a magic ball for knowing when storm season ends. We would know when to safely plant new shrubs, when to wash our cars, and when it’s time to replace a damaged roof. Unfortunately, my childhood Magic 8 Ball has proven useless. It seems each year it becomes increasingly harder even to guess. 

Texas has a well-earned reputation for unpredictable weather – except for July and August that are always miserably hot with very little wind. Many meteorologists dream of working in Texas and Oklahoma because of the constant weather activity and excitement. 

Hailstorm History 

Most hailstorms occur in the spring. This is due to hail forming when thunderstorm updrafts carry water droplets above the freezing level, and then they continue to grow until the hailstones get too heavy and fall to the Earth’s surface. Since spring is when we typically have the most thunderstorms, this is when we frequently also see hail. 

However, there is no “sure bet” on when hail will fall. For example, on August 10, 2018, in the heat of the summer, hail over 1” in diameter hit the Houston region. There’s no guarantee a surprise hail storm won’t occur regardless of when you schedule your roof replacement. 

When To Repair Your Roof 

If you know you have hail damage, now is the best time to contact your roofing company or to start looking for one, if needed. Many reputable, local roofers are already scheduling roof replacements for the end of spring and early summer. Remember, it may take time to finalize claim details with your insurance company and ensure you are maximizing the amount of your claim (based on what you are owed under your policy). You also want to avoid waiting too long to file a claim and risk your insurance company not wanting to cover the damage at all. 

Selecting A Roofing Contractor 

The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) has resources if you need assistance on where to start. With so many roofers storm chasing, be sure to select a roofing company that has a long-term presence in the area, excellent scores with the Better Business Bureau, and both online reviews and customer references. 

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