3 Ways A Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Deportation

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Deportation is a common worry among immigrants in the United States today. Particularly with new government strategies, the concern has heightened. The people confronting potential deportation regularly feel as if there's no hope for them to stay here. Those facing such circumstances should know they have options. 

Deportation has turned into a big concern, but your lawyer can help. Here are three ways a lawyer will help you to avoid deportation: 

● Apply for asylum 
● Adjustment of status 
● Withholding of removal 

1. Apply For Asylum 

Most importantly, your initial step should be recruiting a deportation defense attorney. Employing a lawyer will offer you the optimum legal help on the matter. Make sure you choose a lawyer with a background in immigration law. They should be knowledgeable in the intricate details of deportation laws and can help with your deportation case. 

Applying for asylum is one crucial way your legal counselor will offer aid. Applying for asylum implies that you are at risk for persecution in your home country, and remaining in the United States will protect you. 

While the United States is getting serious about the number of displaced people they acknowledge, with the correct assistance, your application for refuge may succeed. If granted, you will be allowed to travel internationally, work, and petition to have your spouse or children join you [source]. 

2. Adjustment Of Status 

Adjustment of status means legally changing your immigration status from undocumented to legal resident. This usually means applying for citizenship or a permanent resident visa (also referred to as a green card). 

First you will need to determine your eligibility. Did you come here legally? Do you have a sponsor? Most people can be sponsored by a spouse or relative. To adjust your status you will need to file two forms: an immigrant petition and a green card application. If someone is sponsoring you, they will file the immigrant petition for you. 

If you have exceptional professional abilities, then your job can also sponsor you with an employment-based visa. Your lawyer will help you determine your eligibility and how to adjust your status. 

3. Withholding Of Removal 

Similar to seeking asylum, withholding of removal means proving you have a legitimate risk of persecution in your home country. Applicants must file for asylum and withholding of removal simultaneously. Unlike asylum, withholding can only be granted by an immigration judge [source]. 

The withholding of removal application has higher requirements than asylum seekers. Applicants must prove imminent risk of persecution upon return to their home country. While asylum seekers only have to prove a 10% chance of persecution, in order to qualify for withholding of removal, you must prove you have a 51% probability of persecution. 

An applicant who is granted withholding of removal will not have as many benefits as an asylum seeker. They will not be permitted to travel internationally or petition to change their status to become a permanent resident or citizen. However, they can seek work authorization. 

Do Your Research 

The most important tool to stop deportation is knowledge, and that is why you need an experienced deportation lawyer. You need to know which status applies to your case, if you qualify, and how to apply. 

A legal expert can help you understand the steps involved to forestall deportation and the legal strategies for immigration. Do not try to fight your deportation alone. Your lawyer will help you comprehend all your options to avoid deportation. They will guide you through this complicated process so you can focus, stay organized, and win your deportation case.

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