Top 7 Web Design And UI Trends

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The web designs and the UI trends keep changing with time, as goes for any other trends around the world. As technology has changed, we have seen that people have gone from one UI/UX style to another. There isn’t one particular theme that is adopted by people around the world; each website goes for something that is true to their business sense. You can choose for web design service that you need to bring more business and have a website that shines through. This article will discuss seven web design and UI trends to look out for in this year. 

1- Dark Mode 

This craze has rules throughout the past year; from social media applications to desktops, people have shifted towards dark mode. It not only gives a very stylish and sleek look but also gives you the opportunity to play around with the graphics. With dark color in the background, all the colors in the foreground look more prominent and highlighted. If you want an ultra-modern look, then the dark mode is the thing to go with. 

2- 3D Elements 

VR and AR technologies experimented recently but many remained reluctant in using them. In the coming year, more websites will be working with these technologies and implementing them in their designs. A hyper-realistic 3D website can be created using these technologies. A product based company can use this to make their website more realistic for the customers. 

3- Layers And Floating Objects 

If you want to give more depth to your visuals on your website, then layering your objects and giving them a floating effect gives the visuals a more 3D effect. A number of websites experimented with floating objects and this also increased the customer interaction with the website. 

4- Realistic Textures 

This theme has been a favorite for all the furniture stores and interior design stores. As these stores play around with textures, using them on their website gives the user a personalized experience. Showing different textures of woods or showing depths of different paint colors takes the customer experience to another level. 

5- Personalized Content 

Custom content is a new trend but it has changed how people interact with a website. When you visit a website for the first time, you will see the original content but when you, let’s say, visit the website for the fourth time, your data will be inline with your last four visits. This personalization of data makes your experience more fruitful. 

6- Human-Like Chatbots 

Chatbots have been used for the longest time, but training your chatbots using AI algorithms will make them almost human-like. This will make the online user satisfied. 

7- Voice-Activated Interfaces 

This isn’t something you have seen on a lot of websites, but in the year 2022 and 2023, voice- activated interfaces will be all over the internet. This works similar to how the Google voice interface works; instead of typing, you can ask the website to search for you. 

Web Design Wrap Up

The modern digital era will bring many new UI and web design trends and many will be completely new for the internet. These are a few that we expect to see more of in the coming year.

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