5 Most Anticipated Premiers Of New Video Games

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The world we live in continues to advance every minute. Each day that we wake up, newer devices are introduced  to us to make our lives easier. From safety tools to kitchen appliances, and from communication gadgets to computerized automobiles, technology is continuously evolving. While this may have caused our interests to vary, there remains a specific sector where the fan base has remained constant, regardless of the age gap. It is the gaming sector, with video games, to be precise. 

The mere concept dates back to the 1940s when computer scientists discovered a cathode ray tube’s amusing idea. Ever since, the gaming industry has continued to boost at a massive scale, producing millions of copies in different genres of gaming in 2023. 

Gaming Components 

An average video game played with user interaction through a joystick, a controller, or as per current times, sensors. The latest technology includes headsets offering features that use the concepts of Virtual and Augmented reality to deliver a realistic experience to the players. We live in an era of PlayStation and Xbox, both of which provide ultra-modern devices and controllers each year. So far, gamers have also had the privilege of playing with a camera that detects movement. 


The good thing is, these devices do not just stick to a specific category, but all video games divide as per the following genres: 


The name says it all. Action games, of course, revolve around challenges that are performed physically. It is not in literal terms, though, but it means having one's player involved in physical actions. This includes fighting, shooting games, and battle arenas. The basic stereotype states how action games are generally popular amongst boys, but the current studies say otherwise. A prime example would be PUBG, a widely known battle arena with players of all genders and ages. 


Sporting games revolve around every sport that the world knows of, only digitally. Over the years, we have seen multiple gaming organizations develop video games for an extensive promotion of their sport. Examples include the globally known FIFA, NBA, and Cricket. 


For those who prefer playing video games that gradually unveil a story, the adventure section is the place to go. From popular ones like Assassin's Creed, The Last of Us, and GTA, we have seen how the player plays the protagonist and takes on missions to unfold the storyline. 

The Most Anticipated Video Game Releases 

With the exciting news of PS5 and Xbox series X going around, here are some of the most awaited game premiers of this year: 

1. Assassin Creed’s Valhalla – Having launched just within this week, it takes its vast fan base into a newer area to explore, a new home, and enhanced playing options. Of course, the high-end graphics make this top video game more realistic than ever. 

2. Cyberpunk 2077 – Expected to launch by the 10th of December, this game sure has had its fans waiting a long time to play with the innovations. The excitement is on peaks, with YouTube already hosting a 4-hour long demo of the game. Unfortunately the feedback for this new video game release has not been positive thus far.

3. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – Almost every gamer you meet would be fully or partially aware of this particular game. Having won its name as one of the best multiplayer fighting games, it has significantly improved with newer characters and brutal new moves, which is why it is highly anticipated for a new release on 17th November. 

4. Just Dance – Just when we thought games were only either for fighting or puzzle-solving, Just Dance stepped in to prove otherwise. Including most of the popular songs of each year, this game is sure to make everyone move to the beat. The newest version drops on 24th November. 

5. FIFA – We know FIFA to be the crowd's favorite sporting event, which gives this game global popularity in not just football fans, but also the general public. Each update brings more attributes to our favorite characters, improving their abilities to perform better at a high quality. Easy to say, people all over are impatient for the drop of the new edition on December 4th. 

Casino Games 

The era of visiting arcades for gaming became less popular long ago, as soon as the ease of playing video games got more awareness. This tempted more and more game industries to switch to online games to promote their businesses. So has been the case with casinos, which have gained massive popularity over their online versions. Perhaps they reached peaks of success within this year specifically. 

The year of the pandemic – causing troubles and losses in every sector. Having sealed a large number of casinos or implied travel restrictions, it caused hurdles for regular gamblers. Well, of course, this is where online casino games and slot machines came to the rescue. They provide all features of any casino game while being played through either a smartphone or a tablet. The gameplay has not differed a bit, letting the players deposit their money online, play through bonuses, and redeem their rewards. Casinos have also stepped ahead with the initiative of free casino games played online, such as free China Shores slots and more of a similar category. 


The advancements in computers have made one thing sure; modernization will not stop. Thus, we know we will never stop being in awe of the newer technologies we would see in the times to come. That being said, the video game sector, too, appears to have a promising future. The internet has been generous support, helping gamers play and provide them in-depth details of the games, launch dates, demos, and hidden features. It has also done wonders in promoting video gaming to all parts of the world, where we see even the toddler with ample knowledge of operating gaming devices. This enormous success buckles up the developers behind the most anticipated games to release definitive versions every year. The above listed were just a few from the massive collection of new releases, depending on the player’s preference and game style.

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