How to Run a Social Media Campaign on a Budget

how to run social media campaign budget smm marketing

The average small business spends only around $400 a month on marketing. Does that mean you should be spending that much on marketing? The answer varies because it depends on the kind of marketing campaign you are developing. 

It depends on how many people you want to reach, how long you are going to be running the campaign, as well as a wealth of other factors. That's why it's important to know how much to spend on a budget. 

When it comes to running a social media campaign, it's no different. You need to create a budget for however much you want to spend on social media, and you need to figure out what kind of campaign you want in the first place. 

Here's a guide on how to run a campaign on a budget and what it can do for your business. 

How to Run a Social Media Campaign on a Budget 

The key to running a social media campaign on a budget is figuring out how much you can spend on a particular strategy. You also need to figure out your strategy and what tools you are using. 

This will determine how much you'll be spending, especially if you do it yourself or hire a marketing agency to do it for you. 

Here's a breakdown of how much you should expect to pay for a social media campaign. 

What's Your Social Selling Strategy? 

The common rule is that you should spend anywhere between 2% and 5% of revenue on marketing. 

So, for example, if you make $500,000 a year, you should spend $25,000 on marketing. However, you should be spending more if you are a larger sized company and you make more in revenue. 

Your spending will also depend on what kind of social media campaign you want to develop. You could develop several campaigns that work on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Or you could consolidate and work on the social media campaigns for only Facebook or Instagram. 

You might also spend more if you are working with influencers and you want them to promote your product. Influencers can cost $1000s depending on who you hire. 

This is why developing a social media strategy is critical to how much you spend. You need to figure out your overall goals and what strategy is going to help you achieve that goal. 

The Social Media Marketing Tools You Need 

Another cost that you would have to factor in your social media campaign is the tools you will need in the campaign. 

For example, if you want to plan your posts out weeks to months in advance, you need to get software that can automatically do it for you. This helps you save time on what you are going to post. 

Other tools might including editing, analytics, SEO research, and more. These tools require a monthly cost that will have to pay for if you want your social media campaign to have more success. 

Other SMM Costs 

If you hire a social media copywriter, you need to pay them to come up with posts that get the user to take action. Some copywriters are paid by the hour and others are paid by the project. 

You may also have to hire some who creates social media designs. This helps your posts stand out and look better during your social media campaign. You might also have a hire a video editor to record professional video for your business. 

Overall, these are the costs you have to consider that go into creating an effective social media campaign. 

It would be no different if you were running paid ads, like white label PPC, where you have to find the resources and the strategy you need to run an effective social media campaign. 

The Benefits of a Social Media Campaign 

Now that you know the costs, you should also be aware of the benefits of running a social media campaign. You should know what it can do for your business. 

A social media campaign can help with traffic, leads, and brand awareness. When you advertise or post on social media, you are bringing awareness to your business. 

You are showing consumers what your brand represents. You are telling them the story of your brand and how you are helping them overcome a problem. 

In addition, when you create an effective social media campaign, you are driving traffic to your website. You are showing what kind of content you have on your website and taking your followers through your sales funnel. 

Another benefit of social media campaigns is that you can reach a wide audience. If you are doing advertisements, you can reach millions of people with your ads. The same is true when you hire influencers, who often have thousands to millions of followers. 

When you understand the value of a social media campaign, it can help you understand where your money is going. You aren't just paying to show people some pictures and videos of your business, you are paying to bring in leads and generate sales in your business. 

Now You Know What to Spend on Social Media 

When it comes to creating a social media campaign, you have to consider the cost. You need to consider what your ultimate SMM goal is and what you need to do to achieve that goal. 

This is why it's important to consider the factors that go into social media camping. You should also know the value you are getting when you pay for a social media campaign and what it can do for your business. Start selling smarter on social media!

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