Why Staging A Home Makes It Sell Faster

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There are countless homes for sale on the market. And with so many competitors, how can one beat the competition? One way to do that is to invest in virtual staging services. It can do many wonders not just for sellers but also for the buyers. 

Competing in the real estate market is tough. These days, posting photos of vacant homes and lowering your prices aren’t enough. Because there are so many listings online alone, one needs something that would give them an edge in the competition. One of the most effective tools for selling a house is through home staging. 

What Is Home Staging? 

Basically, home staging is dressing up as a home to make it more attractive. This method involves the expertise of designers. This includes the use of props, furniture rearrangement, and more to improve the aesthetics of a property. 

There are two types of home staging: traditional and virtual. Traditionally, agents and sellers have their properties staged physically. This means the actual estate is dressed up using rented props and other pieces of furniture. 

Virtual staging, on the other hand, is done virtually. Aside from the expertise of designers, this method also requires software to deliver high-quality images. But unlike traditional home staging, this doesn’t involve props and a labor force.

Does Staging A Home Make It Sell Faster

Both methods of home staging make homes sell faster. In fact, a study shows that staged homes typically sell 73% faster compared to their vacant counterparts. But how does home staging help? 


One of the things that aid in selling homes fast is the ability that staging gives to visualize a space. Buying properties is a huge investment. And the amount of money involved is no joke. Thus, clients usually want to know how the estate would fit their requirements before they make any decision. Through the images that home staging provides, it’s easy for buyers to picture themselves living in the property. 

Highlighting Assets 

Not all properties are perfect. But they sure have different features that make them stand out. With the help of home staging, sellers and agents can highlight them. Designers can bring out the best features of a property more using furniture, accents, and other décor. At the same time, this also helps in downplaying the weaknesses of the estate. This makes the property more sellable. 

Emotional Appeal 

Consumers often rely on their emotions when making purchases. Like marketing tools, home staging also has the ability to help properties appeal to the buyers’ emotions. This method inspires the feeling of “home” in the clients’ minds. At times, some designs can also remind them of their fondest memories or their favorite person. This contributes positively to their decision, making homes sell faster. 

However, with the advancements in technology, virtual staging seems to be getting more recognition. For many, this is probably because it has more benefits to offer. 

Advantages Of Virtual Staging 

While traditional staging can also help homes sell faster, virtual home staging is getting more in demand these days. This is because it offers more pros. It doesn’t only give edge to sellers and agents but it also helps buyers a lot too. Here are some ways how it has become more helpful for both parties. 

Less Time And Effort In Designing 

Traditional home staging demands more time and effort. Agents and service providers would need to transport furniture and other props. Plus, it takes time to move them around the house to get the perfect aesthetics. Of course, doing so also requires a lot of effort and manpower. 

But with virtual home staging, you will spend less time designing the house. This is because everything is done digitally, as its name suggests. It is easier to design a house with just a few clicks than moving real pieces of furniture around the house. 


Traditional staging means you also have to rent furniture and props. Apart from that, some modifications require additional fees too. 

Virtual home staging is more affordable, though. With this modern method, you won’t have to rent props. Virtual stagers have virtual staging catalogs for their 3D models. 

Also, you don’t have to spend money on extra modifications. Companies offer packages and even free features. Others even offer revisions for free. 

Faster Turnaround Time 

The conventional staging usually takes a long time to finish. This could affect a seller’s chances of selling the estate fast. The longer the staging is completed, the longer it will take for you to list your property on the market. 

The modern way of staging, however, can deliver results faster. Because experts make use of digital techniques in staging homes, you can quickly get to see the outcome. This will help you list it fast. On top of that, you have more time to modify the design in case you are not satisfied with the design. 

Endless Options With House Staging

Another downside of traditional staging is that you only have a few options. Companies can only store limited pieces of furniture. Most of the time, they only have neutral décor too. This leaves designers with limited design options for their homes. 

Virtual home staging, in contrast, can offer boundless options. Companies have catalogs full of various décor types and designs. Plus, you can even have your estate modified based on the season or what’s trending to appeal more to your target market. 

No Hassle Home Staging

Since conventional staging is done physically, buyers will need to view it in person. Doing so can eat up their time getting to the location alone. This can be exhausting, especially if the client lives far from the location. All that time and effort for only one estate. 

This isn’t always ideal for many buyers. With the fast-paced environment that we live in, most of us don’t have time to do it. This can affect the selling time of the property. 

Very Effective Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging, however, lets buyers get a closer look at the property no matter where they are. Time is also not a problem for virtual stagers. They can just browse your listings anytime with just a few clicks. Especially at this time of pandemic, you can still sell estates fast with lesser chance of exposure to the virus. 

Real estate market competition may be hard. But with traditional and virtual staging, selling properties fast won’t be much of a problem.

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