7 Creative and Effective Product Launch Ideas

creative product launch ideas

Launch your product powerfully! Just make sure you're launching in the right way. 

Companies launch 30,000 products every year in the United States. Ninety-five percent of those products fail. One big reason is that their product launches didn't attract attention. 

Learning how to launch a product takes time. But you can start launching right away. Here are seven product launch ideas for you to consider. 

1. Use Social Media 

You want to get as much attention as possible. Social media is cheap, popular, and easy to use. 

Post teaser videos on Twitter and Facebook. Launch the campaign at least a month in advance, and build it bit by bit. Slowly unveil new information with new videos, posters, and audio clips. 

Lean on influencers. Send them previews of your product, and encourage them to write posts about it to their followers. 

2. Make Pre-Orders 

If you have a very loyal customer base, consider taking in pre-orders. Pre-orders allow customers to make purchases for items that are not released. 

Your customers have to have a lot of faith in your company. But pre-orders create exclusivity and buzz for your product. Consider pre-orders as a way of honoring dependable customers, and try advertising pre-orders specifically to them. 

3. Build a Space 

Where you set your launch sets your whole experience. Consider your company brand, and consider the product you are launching. Then pick a location that speaks to both. 

Art galleries and theaters create an intimate and creative mood. They allow your audience to get close to you, seeing your products up-close. 

Big venues create more of a spectacle. You can use high-definition AV equipment to broadcast visuals and audio to a massive crowd. Big venues are more expensive, but they are very effective for large audiences. 

4. Use Video Brochures 

Video brochures are an innovative yet cost-effective solution for businesses. Many people absorb information easily through video. You can send small systems in the mail or hand them out. 

You can incorporate written material alongside them, reaching out to all kinds of customers. They can take the videos home and watch them, engaging with your marketing in their own home. 

5. Distribute Product Samples 

Everyone loves free things. If you can provide samples of your product, provide samples at your event. 

If you can't, provide a free item related to your product. If you are selling a computer, provide free styluses. 

If that's also not an option, allow attendees to pick up their pre-orders. Provide other items they can purchase as well. 

6. Find a Keynote Speaker 

Product launches should inform the audience of your product. But they should also be entertaining. 

Find an expert in your field or a popular celebrity. Work with them on remarks that will keep a crowd engaged in your event. Supplement their speech with other speakers, including from your company's leadership. 

7. Livestream Your Product Drop Event 

Your product launch should engage with your audience. That includes the people who couldn't make it to your event. 

Stream your event through social media and your company's homepage. Include exclusive visuals for the people sitting at home. Make sure that your employees in all cities can watch as well and spread the word on their social media accounts. 

Find More Product Launch Ideas 

A new product launch is exciting. But you need to manage your excitement. Figure out some product launch ideas you can use for your event. 

Use social media and pre-orders to build hype for your new product launch. Interact with your audience by building an exciting space and giving out video brochures and product samples. Find a keynote speaker who can engage with your audience, but engage the people at home as well potentially interested in your product. 

Keep looking for new sources of production creativity. Find more product launch ideas by visit the Startups section of the Bootstrap Business Blog!

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