What to Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

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The average cost for a roof repair in the U.S. is about $900. Of course, when it comes to a large business roof, that price can easily balloon up. 

Here's what that means for you and your business: When you need a roof repair, you end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars—money that could've been spent on improving your business, rather than on keeping a roof over your head. 

Fortunately, investing in regular commercial roof maintenance can help ensure that you won't need many costly repairs in the long-run. So here's a quick guide to what every business needs to know about commercial roof maintenance. 

Inspections Are Key 

You shouldn't only go to the doctor when you are horribly sick—you should have an annual check-up, to ensure you don't have any health problems on the horizon. 

Sure, inspections cost a small chunk of change upfront. But the odds are that you will be paying significantly less for inspection and preventative commercial roof maintenance than you would have to spend on sudden, urgent repairs. 

So don't slack off—schedule roof inspections early and often! 

Don't Procrastinate on Commercial Roof Maintenance 

It might be easy to shrug off one or two small leaks in your roof, especially if they aren't really affecting your daily routine. 

But if you procrastinate on getting those small leaks patched up, they can easily turn into more serious problems—and more expensive repair costs. 

So, as soon as you notice a leak or other issue with your roof, you should call up your trusted commercial roof maintenance expert. 

And if you want to learn more about how you can care for your roof yourself, check out this guide. 

Be Smart About Who Works on Your Roof 

Hiring a random, unlicensed handyman to patch up your roof leak will probably save you some money upfront—and it may work out just fine. 

But whenever you trust your roof to someone who doesn't have the proper certification and experience, you run the risk of getting a shoddy job, and of being liable for any damage that causes for your employees or customers. 

So before you hire someone to work on your roof, ask about their roofer qualifications. 

Clear Those Gutters! 

Here's one easy way to keep up on your commercial roof maintenance: Keep your gutters cleared on your roofing! 

Clogged gutters can cause all sorts of problems for your roof, and they're incredibly easy for you to keep clear yourself. So make it a part of your monthly checklist to make sure your roof's gutters are clean. 

Peace of Mind With Roofing Done Right 

Commercial roof maintenance might not be the most exciting or urgent-seeming business expense—but if you take good care of your roof, you can have peace of mind knowing it likely won't suddenly spring a bad leak and need an expensive repair.

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