How to Gain Instagram Followers Overnight And Be Internet Famous

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Want to gain Instagram followers? You've come to the right place Instagrammers! 

While getting famous overnight online is not something you can exactly "calculate," there are things you can do to help your chances on Instagram. 

In fact, there are strategies you can employ right now to boost the amount of Instagram followers you have without paying for follow bots. 

Here are some tips to help you gain free Instagram followers. 

Post Every Day 

Instagram's algorithms reward consistency, which might help explain why over 100 million pictures get posted every single day on the platform. 

If you want to gain followers, this is step number one. Post one new valuable picture each and every day to help your followers see what your page is all about. Because of the rise of spam and fake accounts, users need to see that you're active and human before they're going to hit the "follow" button. 

Dive Into the Hashtags 

Hashtags are the easiest way to discover new people. If you're building a brand new account, start by identifying ten to fifteen hashtags that are relevant to the brand or niche you want to occupy. 

For example, if your post is about hiking, dive into hashtags like "#outdoors" and "#nature." 

See who's already posting and comment on their stuff. Either write a nice comment to them encouraging them to check out your work, or follow them. There's always a chance they'll follow you back. 

Don't worry; you can always find out who unfollowed you on Instagram later. 

Collaborate With Others 

Short of paying for followers, collaboration is probably your best bet on Instagram. Whether you do a takeover on someone else's account and provide value for their followers or you do some type of Instagram live soiree doesn't matter. 

Collaboration helps new people see you, learn what you do, and tells them what they can expect from your page. Not only is it a good way to gain free Instagram followers; but it's also a good way to gain targeted traffic that's already shown an interest in the type of content you create. 

Host a Contest 

If you're in the business of gaining followers fast, a contest is probably the only other great option you have. Contests create immediate buy-in for your current followers. 

When hosting a contest, keep a few things in mind: 

• Be honest about what you're offering 
• Clearly outline the rules of the contest  
• Be available to your followers to answer questions 

Clear, transparent communication is key. Otherwise, your new followers may resent you for wasting their time or for false advertising. 

How to Gain Instagram Followers 

If you want to gain Instagram followers, the steps are pretty easy. Post on a regular basis and dive into the hashtags to find people already engaging about your topic or niche. 

From there, entice potential followers by showing them what you do. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but the best free options you have are to collaborate with others or host some type of contest. 

Follow these steps and you'll be sure to gain Instagram followers in no time. For more ideas on how to grow a social media following, check out our other influencer marketing posts.

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