7 Great Tips To Find The Best Business Mentor

tips find best business mentor

It doesn’t matter if you’re just building a new startup company or you’re already an established business with years of experience and excellence behind your back; having a business mentor can help you increase profits with excellent advice. 

While there are people in your company that you can rely on for new ideas and concepts, there’s always something to gain from having an outside source with much more experience and expertise in running businesses, and that’s what a business mentor can provide. 

However, it’s not as easy as finding any other mentor out there, you have to make sure that the mentor you’ll be getting has the right credentials so they can provide you with the best possible ideas. 

To help you get the best advice on how to run things, we prepared some tips for you. 

Know If You Really Need A Mentor 

While there’s a lot of value in having the advice of a business mentor, you also need to make sure to know your employees a little bit more. You need to do this because they may have some insight to offer from past experiences that can be more valuable for your business than any advice that other business mentors can offer. 

You may have some good advice and mentorship hidden within your team, and you need to make sure that you can get it so you can save on the money you need to pay for a business mentor. 

If you think you really need one, read the next tips to help you get the best business insight. 

Know Why You Need A Mentor 

Whether you need help on marketing, getting the right people, new business projects, or any other aspects of business, most mentors know their way around all these things. 

However, you need to know if there’s a specific area that you need the most help with so you can find a Bruce Frame business mentor that has the credentials and experience that prove that they are experts in your preferred area. 

Start Asking Questions 

If you need a mentor, most likely, you have business questions that need answers as well. To get the best advice as soon as possible, it’s time for you to ask questions, beginning with asking for a mentor. 

To start, try asking your employees if they know other successful business owners or employees of successful businesses that can offer powerful insight and advice for your business. Try to set up a meeting so you can see if they have the right knowledge and attitude to help you. 

While there’s a risk of getting a no or finding out that that person is not the right mentor, there’s also the potential of finding who you need. 

Also, you can try asking us. At Bruce Frame, we have a roster of highly capable and experienced business mentors that you can count on for the best advice. 

Grow Your Network 

People in the same industries meet and talk all the time, may it be in business settings or business organizations. These are people who may have knowledge and tips to offer. 

It’s why you need to meet more people so you can grow your network, make new friends in the business, and create a new relationship with people who may have the right knowledge to help you make positive developments. 

Make Way For Diversity 

If you go for someone who’s just like you, or someone in the same industry or with the same life background, and most likely, you won’t get any good advice because the knowledge they have to offer is just the same as yours. 

Help yourself avoid this by looking for someone who's not the same as you; find someone in a different line of business, from another state, and with a unique personal background. Doing this can help you find fresh insight that may be unconventional but can prove useful for your business. 

Furthermore, you shouldn’t limit diversity for your business mentor only. Try going for diversity in your company and hire employees with differing backgrounds and experiences so you can have fresh, new ideas from within. 

Make Yourself Worth Mentoring 

While you’re looking to get something out of your mentorship, that doesn’t mean that your mentor isn’t looking for something as well. 

To help improve your chances of getting a mentor, especially if you’re looking to get someone who’s very successful and a bit of a long shot for you, make yourself worth their time. 

You need to work. If the mentor gives you good advice, then do it, but don’t be afraid to inject your ideas as they may make it work even better. Also, make good on your promises. 

Your mentor is placing his/her commitment on you, so you need to give it back by doing something if you said you are going to do it. Your mentor wants to help you, but they can’t do it if you are not willing to help yourself, and that may lead them to walk away from you. 

Ask Bruce Frame 

As a successful business owner who’s willing to help other people gain the same or even more success, Bruce Frame business mentor has the answers for most of your business and mentorship questions. 

For the best business insight to help your business grow, ask Bruce now for the best business consultation.

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