What Are Your Rights After A Sexual Assault In Houston?

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Sexual assault can happen anywhere and to anybody. Sexual predators target victims when they are most susceptible, and typically in places where the criminals are most trusted, like schools, religious organizations, camps, and not-for-profit agencies. 

If you or anyone close to you is a victim of sexual assault, you must talk to Houston sexual assault lawyers

You Should Know Your Rights 

To fight back, you should develop the feeling of getting justice, and hence, you must know about the rights you have in Houston. Though sexual assault is a criminal move, Texas law permits the victims to file civil lawsuits that hold criminals financially responsible for the injuries they inflicted. 

Similarly, the laws even allow sexual assault lawyers to hold the abuser and any third- party whose carelessness led to the abuse to take place responsible for their role in the sexual assault. 

Texas Statutes Of Limitations For Sexual Assault 

Houston witnessed a rise of 12.6 in sexual assault crimes in 2018, and there was a total of 6000 cases filed from 2016-2019. 

A statute of limitations (SOL) decides the amount of time a victim or prosecutor must file a lawsuit. Characteristically, if you file a lawsuit after the SOL expires, your sexual assault case will get dismissed. Furthermore, Texas has dissimilar sexual abuse statutes of limits in civil and criminal cases. 

Similarly, you should remember that the statute of limitations that applies is characteristically the one in place at the time of the sexual abuse. Hence, it means that even if the SOL is elongated since the sexual incident, it will not renew an already time- barred entitlement. 

Civil Lawsuits For Sexual Assault 

Pursuing the sexual assault criminal for financial recovery is crucial for you to find the justice you deserve. It is to gain access to the resources you need to help yourself recover now and, in the future, for as long as you need medical treatment. 

Actually, in a civil lawsuit, a victim of sexual abuse can demand compensation for damages from the abuser. You can avail of economic and non-economic damages like compensation for your pain and suffering. 

A new Texas law in 2015 completely changed the decree of limitations in some sex abuse-related civil cases. Under this law, you have to file your claim in: 

• Child sexual assault: within 15 years from your eighteenth birthday 

• Adult sexual assault: within five years from the incident 

If nobody knows the perpetrator's identity, being a victim, you may file a "John Doe" lawsuit. Once you know about the suspect's identity, you need to amend your complaint to include his or her name in 30 days. And, if you still have doubts, consult Houston sexual assault lawyers for effortless legal procedures for your case. 

Sexual Abuse At Work Place 

If sexual abuse occurs at your workplace, you may file a sexual harassment lawsuit under federal law. File a complaint or even a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, you should do it within 300 days of the harassment or assault. 

Hence, the EEOC is going to investigate your claim and determine whether it will carry out a lawsuit on your behalf or not. However, if it decides that it will not sue your claim, it issues a Right to Sue letter. You should also file a federal lawsuit in 90 days of the EEOC's Right to Sue letter. A sexual or employment lawyer can help you through the EEOC complaint process and any related trial. 

You Will Need A Sexual Assault Lawyer 

Sexual assaults are emotionally challenging and may include detailed legal analysis and procedural rules. If you are undergoing a sexual assault trauma, a sex crimes lawyer can guide you throughout the legal process, inform you about your rights, and offer you emotional support. 

To sum up, you cannot fight sexual assault legally without proper guidance and legal expertise. Hence, you must talk to any Houston sexual assault lawyers and ensure that you get justice. After all, legal procedures for sexual harassment or assault will only prove fruitful if you make the most of them.

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