How To Get The Best CBD Wholesale Products And Bulk Prices

best cbd wholesale products bulk cannabidiol discount prices

There has been a surge in opportunities to buy CBD (cannabidiol) over recent years, from your corner store, local coffee shop to wholesale outlets. There is also a growing variety of products such as oils, edibles, tablets/capsules, topicals, vapes and concentrates, skin and haircare as well as cannabis strains available. 

Read this to learn more about cannabis and its different strains. 

Flooded with choices, we look at the wholesale marketplace and flag some pointers on how to find the best quality product at competitive prices. But first, let’s consider the following: 

What Is CBD And Why Is It Gaining In Popularity? 

Cannabidiol is primarily extracted from hemp which is part of the cannabis family. It has virtually no psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). By contrast, most marijuana varieties have only trace amounts of CBD. Recent clinical studies, along with feedback from patients/consumers, highlight a multitude of benefits/uses, including treatment/relief for: 

• Pain 
• Anxiety 
• Depression 
• Insomnia 
• Nausea and vomiting 
• Neurological disorders 
• Seizures 
• Tremors 
• High blood pressure 
• Inflammation 

Another key factor in the evident popularity of CBD is legality. Only in recent history were hemp and marijuana lumped together as narcotics and psychotropic. Despite records of ancient, and modern, therapeutic benefits as well as industrial uses for paper, ropes, canvas, linen, paints, gas, and fuel. 

How To Distil Quality 

While there is a plethora of buying opportunities, product quality is an essential factor in deciding what, and where, to purchase. Click here to learn more about cannabidiol extraction methods. 

As a relatively new commercial entrant, with vague and variable legal applications, available options on industrial hemp and related CBD need to be assessed for quality. Knowing the origin will be the primary indicator of the product’s quality. 

Before requesting a quote from a wholesaler, you should determine where and how the hemp is grown and extracted. Make sure you check for: 

- Certifications or third-party lab reports (e.g. Ingredients, Organic growth, no-GMO, components) 

- Whether the farmers follow strict rules and regulations (regarding GMO, fertilizers, pesticides, and additives) 

- Non-intoxicating 

- Independent consumer guides 

- Medical and customer reviews 

- CO2 extraction technology 

As a general rule, organic sources using CO2 extraction are the safest and highest of quality. If you are looking for pure cannabidiol with zero THC- content then CBD isolates are recommended. 

Investing in high quality products with the right origin won’t only ensure that you provide to your customers what you promise, but it will ultimately generate more income too. Customers are more likely to return to a seller who gives them quality CBD products. 

Cannabinoid products, like those found on Cheefbotanicals, have the right kind of certifications and information sheets. Customers know what they can expect and will return for more. 

Getting The Best Prices 

The main aim of buying CBD products in bulk is to ultimately safe on expenses. But how do you get the best prices from wholesalers? 

Here are a few tips on how you can negotiate: 


Before you start negotiating better prices for wholesale, you should know what your limitations will be regarding quality, payment terms, value for money, after-sales service, price, delivery terms, and product types. Once you’ve set your own limits and expectations, you’ll be able to negotiate exact terms with suppliers. 

Do Research 

Before you want to pay a ridiculously low price for a high-quality product, you should do market research on other CBD wholesalers and suppliers. What are the going rates for production, transport, and manufacturing? When you know what the average prices are set on the market, you’ll know how much wiggle room you have to negotiate the best price. 

Building Relationships 

You might not get a great first-time buyer deal but if you become a repeat customer the wholesaler will definitely treat you like a VIP. Don’t negotiate too hard and be respectful. 

Think of this relationship as going into a long-term partnership where both of you will benefit financially. 


Suppliers will usually request at least a 40% deposit. If you can, pay a bigger deposit to show them that you are a serious buyer. This might give you a few benefits in return. 

Investing in wholesale CBD products will save you in the long run, as long as you follow our few simple tips.

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