How To Crush It Using YouTube Ads

how to use youtube ads video marketing advertisements

You must be wondering how to set up, monetize, and scale your YouTube Ads or you won’t be here. 

Here are several professional suggestions and advice for using YouTube Ads Services, what they are and how to hook, Call to Action (CTA), and sell to your potential customers at scale i.e. grow your brand and your business. 

YouTube is owned by Google, so it is no surprise that Google has made it extremely simple for YouTube users to sign up to take advantage of Google AdSense (Google retains approximately 45% of advertiser dollars) and attach ads to their videos. Ads displayed on the YouTube platform will be different for every, individual, person viewing a particular video, as ad selection is based on the viewer’s past web-surfing history. 

You, as a YouTuber will earn somewhere between $1 and $2 per 1000 views cost per thousand (CPM). This rate is subject to change and does change on a frequent basis. When someone starts watching an ad, they need to fully watch the entire ad, rather than skipping it, to be counted as a “view.” 

Cost per click (CPC) ads are another option you can host on your YouTube page. For this alternative to work you as the owner of your page and content are, of course, dependent on people clicking on the ad on your page. 

The average YouTube user has a minimum payout threshold of $100. If you do not reach this $100 threshold (earn enough money), Google will not pay out under this amount. 

The most important takeaway for YouTubers is the absolute necessity of creating quality videos and promoting them; this is how all YouTube influencers begin. Quality videos attract eyes, build audiences, and create channel buzz, so you can watch your subscriber numbers scale. 

So, with more than 5 billion videos streams daily it is to your advantage to understand how to navigate YouTube Ads. Here are a few tips for using YouTube Ads Services and creating amazing ads

1. Choose an Appropriate Ad Format: display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads etc. To get a better feel for each format play around and see what works. 

2. What revenue stream works best: AdSense revenue or DoubleClick revenue? 

3. Incorporate YouTube Targeting Options: customize your target audience (affinity audiences and in-market audiences) 

4. Keep it Real (Content): always stay true to your brand and message! 

5. Add Interactive Elements to Your Ads: add calls to action (CTA), charts (product showcases), and auto-end screens which inspire views to interact with you in other ways. Make YouTube Ads work for you. 

Make perfect videos, get lots of likes, encourage subscribers, and comments. provides more great tips and advice for using YouTube Ads Services. Get advice on what it takes to hook and sell to more customers and earn more with your video content on YouTube. Happy YouTubing!

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