Germ Free! This Is How to Have a Clean Business

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As coronavirus cases continue to climb across the United States, it more important than ever to maintain a clean business. This means you and your employees need to stay on top of cleaning protocols even more than before. 

But how do you stop the spread of germs in your business? What are some steps you can take to ensure the safety of your workers and customers or clients? 

Here are some ways in which you can maintain a germ-free business. 

1. Schedule 

One of the best ways to make sure that everything gets cleaned well and properly is to create a cleaning schedule. Between meeting the needs of your business and clients or customers, cleaning can get pushed to the wayside and pile up quickly. 

Set a cleaning schedule that works with the employees and their shifts. Designate and divide up the responsibilities so everyone works together. 

2. Restroom Cleaning 

A clean restroom says much about the state of your business. If your restrooms lack cleanliness and overall hygiene, customers might be hesitant to return. 

Put restroom cleaning on your schedule, preferably with restroom checks every hour or so. Have each employee check off the sterilization tasks they complete. 

3. Maintain Social Distancing 

With COVID, one of the ways people are helping stop the spread is to maintain social distancing or encouraging customers and clients to keep six feet apart at all times. 

For your business, you can secure friendly reminders on posters to keep six feet apart while shopping, waiting in line, or sitting. Posting these reminders can help your customers feel safe during these turbulent times. 

4. Clean the Floors 

The average shoe holds over 400,000 bacteria, including fecal matter. When a shopper comes into your store, they're bringing along more bacteria and transferring it to your floors. Even though no one will eat anything off the floor, the chances of contamination of other objects are still possible. 

To maintain the cleanliness of your floors, make sure you mop or vacuum once a day to keep bacteria away. To learn more about abolishing more bacteria on shoes, just visit the CDC website. 

5. Sanitizing Surfaces 

We don't think about how often we touch surfaces or how many different surfaces we touch. From countertops to keyboards and phones to shopping carts, hundreds if not thousands of bacteria can make its home on our hands. 

To stop the spread of bacteria, it's extremely important to sanitize surfaces with a verified germ killer that eliminates 99.9% of germs. Task employees to sanitize surfaces frequently, especially if you work in food service or a business with several employees touching a variety of surfaces. 

Don't forget to remind employees to wash their hands especially after using the restroom or multiple times during the day. 

A Clean Business 

Your clean business gives the impression that you care a great deal about your employees and patrons. Implement these practices to keep everyone healthy and your business sparkling.

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