Competitive Advantages Of New Jersey Online Casinos

competitive advantage new jersey casinos

New Jersey legalized online casinos in November 2013, following Delaware’s lead in 2012. Seven years later, NJ is home to 30 betting websites in the US while the Diamond State has only four. 

What’s more, the Garden State has been collecting revenues worth up to $482 million per year. By comparison, the online casino sector in Delaware is worth $3.6 million only. So, what sets apart NJ’s online casinos apart with a competitive advantage from its rivals in 2022? 

A Full Range Of Games 

New Jersey’s online casinos provide a full range of games: slots, poker, roulette, bingo, baccarat, everything. The games come from leading software providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO. 

Against that backdrop, casino players in New Jersey get the full online gaming experience and not the stripped down poker-only websites found in California and Nevada. With that in mind, every operator determines the games to offer. 

The best NJ online casinos, and you can find some on, provide a blend of slots and card games. Slots make up to 80% of available games and that’s alright. They are simple to play, vibrant and attract bonuses regularly. 

Low Taxation 

Online casinos in New Jersey pay a 14.25% tax on their gross profits, almost the same rate with gambling businesses in the UK. To be clear, Garden State’s tax is much lower than Pennsylvania’s—PA charges 54% on slots and 14% on table games. 

The competitive tax rate allows online casinos to reinvest a significant portion of their profits on good service delivery. For example, they give out bonuses to encourage loyalty and partner with developers to create immersive games. 

On the flip side, NJ casinos can invest in marketing and advertising now that the state’s tax is fair. What’s more, they also provide more competitive odds to sports punters and high-paying games, providing a better user experience than their competitors. 

A Large Population With Disposable Income 

One thing that attracts online casinos to New Jersey is its high population. It has 8.8 million people, making it the 11 th most populous state in the country. To spice things up, it has one of the highest levels of per capital income--$44,888. For reference, that’s $4,216 higher than the country’s average income. 

By comparison, Delaware has a population of 900,000 people, ranking it 45 th in the county. On the flip side, it has a per capita income of $29,007. Pennsylvania has a higher income rate ($52,000) and population (12.9 million). But its high tax for casinos dissuades a lot of potential investors. 

With that in mind, New Jersey also welcomes a lot of tourists—up to 27 million people every year. Many of these people gamble at land-based casinos. But there’s a significant portion that tours NJ to experience its betting websites. 

Bonuses And Promotions 

Bonuses are the most effective marketing tools in the iGaming industry. New Jersey allows operators to use bonuses as much as they want, which explains why nearly every website welcomes new customers with rewards. 

Usually, the best bonuses are given to customers after they fund their account. You could get $100 when you deposit a similar amount or $200 when you deposit $100. Some operators also add free spins to play slots to the package. 

All the same, bonuses aren’t free of limitations. There’s a maximum betting amount for every bonus and a minimum amount of cash you must spend before you cash out bonus profits. Despite these rules, people love bonuses because they give them a chance to win money without depleting their cash balances. 

On the other hand, they like promotions like cashback offers, VIP programs and tournaments for similar reasons. You can win thousands of dollars without necessarily gambling your money. 

A Wide Variety Of Banking Options 

In New Jersey, you can deposit money into and from online casinos through all leading payment companies. You can use Visa, MasterCard or Maestro if you like debit and credit cards. Or you could choose the faster, cheaper e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. 

Another popular payment choice is bank transfer. It’s particularly common for withdrawals. But people avoid it for deposits due to its slow nature. Some casinos also allow Bitcoin, electronic checks and mobile payment apps. 

The bottom line is that casino players in New Jersey a large supply of banking choices. All they need is to compare different companies to gauge their speed, fees and user experience. Sometimes, they can also check whether an e-wallet qualifies for bonuses—Neteller and Skrill seldom qualify for incentives. 

A Supportive Local Government 

New Jersey has been supportive of online casinos since 2013 and continues to be in 2022. And due to that, it has helped nurture a young casino sector and turn it into a billion-dollar industry within seven years. From the licensing process to regulation, NJ works to help local online casinos succeed. 

It charges reasonable tax rates. It allows casinos to compete in a fair environment and has no restrictions concerning the games they can provide. What’s more, iGaming businesses can welcome customers from all corners of the state and not Atlantic City alone. 

Another way NJ supports local online casinos is by providing comprehensive licenses that includes permission to run sportsbooks. As such, they can grab a share of the state’s $3 billion sports betting handle with just one license. 

Mobile And Live Casinos 

As mobile gaming continues to grow worldwide, it’s proving to be an important driver of growth for online casinos. Players are no longer limited to cubicle desktops when they need to play slots or card games. 

They can also use their iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Importantly, they don’t need to download native apps. They can use mobile websites instead. The best part is that mobile casino provides the vibrant gaming experience desktop computers offer. 

Casino Conclusion

With that in mind, another reason for NJ’s online casino success is their live dealer sections. Live casinos allow people to play card games in a live setting. They can see one another through web cameras, talk chat and compete for prizes. In doing so, they no longer feel the social urge to play at land-based casinos in 2022 and 2023.

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