5 Benefits of Mobile Web Design for Your Business

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According to Pew Research Center data, 37% of adults in the United States primarily use their smartphones to use the internet. 

Many people use their phones to look up information or to access a business website. If your website isn't optimized for mobile, you're losing valuable customers. 

Mobile web design can help your business reach and retain more customers. Below, we go through five benefits of a mobile-friendly website and explain why you need one. 

1. Pages Load Faster 

The idea of a responsive web design is that you have one website, but the elements change and respond differently depending on which device your audience uses. The layout might be slightly different on a phone, and images are a more appropriate size. 

Not only does this make it easier to view your website on a smartphone or tablet, but pages also load faster. 

2. Lower Bounce Rate 

A bounce rate is the percentage of people that "bounce" off your website or leave your website to go back to search results after only looking at one page. One reason people can abandon your site is if it takes too long to load. 

Factors like responsive image display help your website load quicker and can keep readers on your page longer. Staying on your site longer can lower your bounce rate

3. Higher Conversion Rates 

People that stay on your website longer are more likely to subscribe to your service. If you provide a professional website that looks great on all devices, seems secure, and provides them what they need, your conversion rates will likely go up. 

If you want to convert new customers, using mobile web design to create an optimized website for your business is the way to do it. 

4. Easier to Maintain 

If you have two websites—one for desktops and laptops and one for mobile devices—you have twice the work when it comes to maintenance. Having a responsive web design that looks great on larger screens and smaller ones means you only have one website and less maintenance to worry about. 

As a bonus, you only need to consider one digital marketing strategy instead of having two separate ones for each website. 

5. Better SEO 

Having a responsive web design improves the user experience, which can help boost your search ranking. It also reduces duplicate content when you only have one website, which can also improve your ranking. Google favors mobile-friendly websites. 

How do you design a mobile-friendly website or give your current site a makeover? 

Using a marketing company can help you with design and propel your business to the next level. They will walk you through the best practices for SEO, PPC, SEM, website design, and more. 

Get Started With Mobile Web Design 

Now that you know a few of the benefits of mobile web design, you can see why it's important. The way your website looks and whether your site is fully responsive on all devices says a lot about your business. If it isn't optimized for mobile and doesn't provide a great user experience, you're losing out! 

Reach out to a digital marketing and design company to take the next step today. Make sure you master your mobile web design magnificently!

If you need more advice on managing your business, check out the other sections on our site for everything you need to know. And visit the Web Dev section of the Bootstrap Business Blog to learn more about mobile web design and fully responsive website optimization.

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