Key Benefits Of Encouraging Diversity In The Workplace

business benefits encourage workplace diversity

Workplace diversity has gone from being a rare or token discussion to a widespread initiative designed to better reflect modern society. With factors such as the Black Lives Matter protests raising the issue further in 2020, hope has turned into expectation as more businesses display their commitment to embracing differences. 

As well as race, a diverse workforce may also consider gender, age, physical ability, religion and sexual orientation. Encouraging this breadth of staff diversity can have several benefits for businesses and employees alike, including: 

Fostering Mutual Understanding And Respect 

Whether in small groups or large teams, most employees will soon recognise the strengths and talents that people of different backgrounds can bring. Diverse workforces are quickly becoming the norm and can help to foster mutual respect between disparate groups. 

As a knock-on effect, increased exposure to people from other cultures can also aid in workplace conflict resolution. Acknowledging differences helps to identify similarities, removing peoples’ preconceptions and creating better synergy overall. 

Empowering Marginalised Workers 

Workplace diversity initiatives also open doors for those who have been unfairly marginalised due to race, gender or other identifying factors. As a result, new or hidden talent is given the space to develop and improve business output as a whole. 

As the female International CEO of RSM, a global accountancy network, Jean Stephens appreciates the importance of equal opportunities. She comments: 

“We have a duty of care to provide an inclusive environment that allows all people to flourish. I believe having a diverse team is key to continuous learning and development, both personally and organisationally.” 

Improving Creativity And Productivity 

Better employee diversity also creates a better spread of skills and experience. What business wouldn’t want that? When mixed together in an inclusive environment, diverse teams are often more creative and productive than ever before. 

Adding in different perspectives can lead to innovative ideas that may not otherwise have surfaced or been developed to the same degree. And with that mutual respect established, collaboration is able to thrive. 

Enhancing Business Reputation 

Being able to demonstrate a genuine commitment to diversity can have several tangible benefits on a business’s bottom line. It has great potential to enhance public reputation in modern times - both in attracting and retaining top talent and building loyalty among socially responsible customers. 

Armed with a positive employer brand, better talent retention can reduce recruiting costs and maintain a positive working atmosphere for new and existing staff alike. And by appealing to what are now commonly shared values, diverse businesses are well positioned to expand and strengthen their customer base. 

Promoting A Better Understanding Of Customers 

Having a diverse workforce can also help businesses discover and break into new markets. Employing staff with similar backgrounds to those being targeted can promote a better understanding across the entire business operation, from sales staff to product designers and marketers. 

A broader breadth of experience can also help to negate cultural differences that could otherwise hamper growth. 

Becoming a diverse business may take time and care – but the results can be transformational.

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