5 Vital Professional Headshot Tips for Your WordPress Site

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It takes about seven seconds for people to form a first impression upon meeting someone new. That's only seven seconds that you have to make a good first impression when you go in for a job interview or any other professional business setting. 

Sometimes the first impression is made even before someone meets you, in the form of your online profile. What you can do is make sure that you have a professional headshot photo for your website and online profile. 

Want to make the best first impression with your professional photo? Keep reading for five professional headshot tips for your website. 

1. Dress the Part 

The way you should dress for your about me photo is going to depend on your profession. Generally, you'll want to dress as if you're going for a job interview. 

Dress in neutral colors since bright or contrasting colors may appear overly saturated in photos. Patterns may also stand out and appear distracting on the final image. 

You'll also want to keep your style classic and timeless. A trendy hat, for example, may look dated within a few years after taking the photo. 

2. Don't Get a Haircut the Day of the Photoshoot 

It's recommended you don't get a haircut or dye your hair right before taking your professional headshot. 

Imagine getting a haircut on the day of your headshot photo and hating your haircut. You won't have time to fix it or figure out how to style it the way you want. 

You can get a haircut or new color a few days or about a week before the photo day. That will give you enough time to figure out the best style for your new cut. 

3. Avoid Distracting Colors or Backgrounds 

Keep details minimal and avoid distracting backgrounds. One option is to have a neutral-colored backdrop that won't take the focus away from your image. 

Maybe you already have a great headshot that you love, but it has a busy background. You can easily use an image background remover to remove and add a simple background. 

4. The Right Pose 

You don't think too much about your pose in photos until the camera is in front of you. Then, you might feel awkward and unsure of how to pose your body. Use a few different poses and see what looks best. 

One tip is to keep your back straight and hold a good posture so that you exude confidence. Make sure not to stand up too straight and rigid--keep your pose natural. 

5. Smile 

Keep your smile natural and relaxed during your professional headshot photoshoot. One tip for this is to think of a positive or funny memory so that you naturally smile for the camera. 

You might even want to practice smiling in front of a mirror before the photoshoot. 

Final Professional Headshot Tips 

Maybe you hate taking photos of yourself, and the thought of a professional headshot makes you nervous. However, with the above professional headshot tips, you can take a headshot photo that you'll love. 

Want to learn more business advice and professional headshot tips and other ways to boost your personal brand? Check out more articles on photography and branding in our business blog.

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