3 Most Popular Types Of Solitaire Games

most popular types of solitaire card games online casino

When you decide to play Solitaire you either do it for fun or want to train your brain. While in the 90s classic Solitaire could be played only on the computer, now people play it online using their mobile phones or tablets. However, there are plenty of versions of Solitaire online that you can try. So, do you have a few minutes to learn about some of the 3 top Solitaire options? 

1. Classic Solitaire 

This is the most common type of this game and is usually played with one standard deck of 52 cards, where Jokers are not included. To efficiently play it, one has to know several terms related to the gameplay process.These terms are the tableau, the foundations, the stock, and the talon.The tableau pile includes 7 columns, where the first one has one card and the rest grow gradually until you reach 7 cards on the last column. For your information, the cards available on the tableau stack should be sorted in descending order and using alternated colors. And in case you arrange the cards in the tableau and release any spaces, you should use them to place Kings. 

Also, while playing this game, you will find four free spots, called the foundations, where you will start sorting the same-color cards starting with the Ace. The cards that initially are not used in the tableau are called the stock and if they cannot match the tableau further on or the foundations, you put them in the talon pile. Finally, to win such a game, the player needs to organize the cards in ascending order into four foundation piles, where the first card is the Ace and the last one is the King. 

2. FreeCell Solitaire 

FreeCell is one of the most difficult types to play Solitaire. However, the harder it is, the more popular it becomes. The game principle is the same as in the classic version, even though the way the cards are arranged slightly differs. In this game, all cards are revealed at the beginning of the game. Therefore, Solitaire-Masters.com you know exactly what card is coming next if you place the other one above it correctly. 

Also, instead of the stock pile, you will have four open cells, where you can place your reserve cards. This strategy will help you reveal the cards that you need to place on 4 HomeCells that actually function as foundation piles. Thus, if you wisely manage to combine all the cards and use the reserve spots whenever you need to reveal new cards, you will succeed in this game. 

3. Spider Solitaire 

This version of the spider solitaire game is usually played with two decks of cards. The objective of such a game is to organize 13 cards in a descending manner and by suit in the 10 tableau stacks that will be automatically transferred to the 8 foundations if ordered right. 

When in the foundation piles, the cards will be organized in ascending order from the Ace all the way up to the King, and once all the foundation stacks are filled, you actually win the game. 

Casino Cards Conclusion 

The more Solitaire card games you discover, the more exciting it becomes. Definitely, this game never fails to surprise its players and can keep them engaged for many hours. From a game that just helped us kill the time, free Solitaire became a phenomenon that made addicted players create tournaments and helped them train their minds. 

Which one of these types of Solitaire casino games do you like the most? Let us know on social media by sharing this article with your thoughts!

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