How To Set Up An Ecommerce Website From Scratch

how to set up ecommerce website from scratch build online retail store

E-commerce is the process of transacting business online. Businesses create online stores to exchange goods and services with either money or data through the internet. The process involves either interaction of business to business or business to individual. It can also be an exchange between an individual and another individual. That kind of trade is referred to as ecommerce or e-business. If you are considering running e-businesses, here is a step by step process of building a successful ecommerce business. 

What To Sell 

The first step is to figure out what you want to sell on your ecommerce store. It is also essential to be ready with what you want to sell when you open your store. It would help if you were sure how you will be getting the supply and who you are targeting as your customers. You also need to know what you will offer to your customers that other businesses can’t. That means knowing what will make your products more attractive than others. For instance, selling customized sneakers vs selling regular sneakers, or selling sneakers with a quality guarantee, these are markups which can position yourself distinct from your competitors. 

Purchase A Domain Name 

Next, you need to choose and purchase a domain name for your business. This is for the ecommerce web development you will be doing. Depending on the name of your business, domain names can vary widely in cost. A strong keyword name such as is definitely more expensive than 

Also, getting a localized domain extension will establish web authority over competitors running a regular .com domain. This is an instant boost to your site which you can take advantage of easily. Do check with your local Internet authority as certain countries or states might have stricter policies in registering for a local domain.

If you are getting a domain from an international provider such as GoDaddy, take note that it is a trustworthy source. Also, check on the rates you are getting from them as well as the benefits, versus if you were to get from a local provider. 

Get A Web Developer 

The next few steps come the challenge. Finding a web developer for your business is a critical step. When looking for a web developer, look for trusted Ecommerceweb developer companies. A good one will be able to set up your website within a short time. Next, if you have challenges with online store bandwidth, find an ecommerce web host to offer a platform to host the site. There are numerous companies ready to provide those services. All that you need is to ensure you have the right web company for your website. 

You should also find one that can provide good web hosting and maintenance services along with the web development. If it is your first time working with a web developer, it is advisable to go with one who provide the full umbrella of digital development services so that you do not have to liaise with many people. 

Once your website is developed, begin adding content and ensure that what is on the site will be intriguing to your users. Ensure the content on your pages is relevant and informative and make sure your product images represent what you are selling properly. Use a bulk background removal service to make sure all of your products are being highlighted to their full potential, saving you money and driving sales.

Use Search Engine Optimisation 

Any online business needs to use SEM or SEO to have better returns. Without these, no matter how well designed a site is, it is hard for its pages to gain visibility. However, many small businesses do not invest in SEO because they have no idea how visibility affects their company. As an example, having a great site without SEO is like having a great shop but being placed at the back alley where no traffic passes by. 

There are numerous great blogs out there that teach SEO for free. Blogs such as Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Neil Patel are some great ones you can read up on. Once you study the basics, SEO is actually quite intuitive to do. 

Once you have optimized your ecommerce pages via SEO, you must also make sure you have valuable content regularly that will interest your customers. 


While there are many things that you need to do to ensure you have a successful ecommerce business, we have outlined the basic structure which you can follow in this article.For more in-depth details on how to troubleshoot or implement at each stage, there are many online resources out there for you to refer to. For yourself, you also have to keep updating yourself with the latest marketing trends to grow your business.

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