Game Review: Candy Store

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When it comes to video games that focus heavily on candy and things like it, you don’t have to look too far to see the many offerings on display. There’s a lot to appreciate and enjoy, and it is easy to focus on the sweet side of things. 

For example, you’ve got games like Candy Store. This well put together and highly attractive option has proven to be a practical choice for people who want it. There’s a lot of different options to pick from, and they are all going to give you the best possible gameplay elements. 

But when it comes to this game, what should you know? Well, there’s a lot of different options to consider, and they’re all good, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer. 

The Game Itself 

So this particular game is an online slot machine that has a progressive system. If you have luck on your side, there are big rewards to get. There is a substantial payout percentage, sitting at 95.9%, and this is even more impressive when you think about the opportunities available such as the hidden jackpot mode. 

Although this is all very candy-like and quite childish and how it looks, this is a very well built and practical slot machine. There is serious potential for high payouts, with five reels, 30 active paylines, and a selection of bonus features, jackpots, and opportunities to win big. 

Because of how the game has been set up, it is something that appeals to both new players and old players alike. This makes it useful for both beginners and experts. 

How Do I Play? 

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that playing Candy Store is easy. It’s a jackpot casino game that operates entirely online, so there are five different reels and three rows. However, the game has been animated horizontally, so it comes across as three rows, and five reels. Just reverse that set of numbers, and you’ll be fine. 

The game itself has 30 fixed lines. This means that you need to try and land three or more bubblegum scatter symbols. This gives you access to free spins. 

If you can land the symbols, then they blow up and turn into other symbols. It’s sort of like the equivalent of getting one of those exploding things in Candy Crush. 

The Verdict 

So, what do we think about Candy Store? Well, when you look past the quite childish exterior, you’ll see that there is actually a well built and easy to work with experience. 

Functionally, there is a lot to appreciate here. There are quite a few different options to consider, a broad selection of ways that you can do things, and plenty of other options with regards to what you do and when. It’s all about taking the time to explore all of the different options to find out exactly how to win in the best way. 

The payout for this type of experience is relatively high, which is good. It means that you can get what you need to without having to worry about whether or not it’s going to take all of your time. Functionally there are a lot of different choices when it comes to individual game mechanics and styles, so you are free to experiment as and when you want to. There are plenty of options to explore, numerous ways to play, and a whole host of different experiences just waiting for you. 

This is definitely one of those types of experiences that we would recommend for beginners because it is relatively easy to get started with. However, at the same time, there is enough to make sure that appeals to the more experienced demographic as well. There is genuinely something for everybody here. 

So, in conclusion, there are numerous different ways that you can play and explore the various options that exist here. This is your gameplay, and you are free to do with it as you wish. Candy Store slot machine has proven itself to be a very interesting and easy to work with piece of software. It’s quite simple to get the hang of, there are multiple things that you can do to make it work, and you do have quite a few options. 

Obviously, the standard health and safety regulations about gambling apply, never gamble if you cannot do so, and never gamble to ruin. However, if you’re looking for something interesting, exciting, and easy to work with, then this is definitely one of the better options that you can take advantage of. There are quite a few choices for you to explore here, so it’s definitely worth figuring it all. For what looks like quite an easy game on the surface, there is a level of difficulty here that is much appreciated.

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