10 Creative Marketing Ideas That Will Get Your Business Noticed

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Did you know that the bulk of job creation comes from small businesses? That means there are a lot of small businesses vying for the same customers. 

If you're a small business owner, you're in with a proud crew, and you need to learn savvy marketing skills to compete. Having effective marketing ideas is a big part of getting people to choose your business over the many other businesses they've seen recently. 

Continue reading this article to learn creative marketing ideas to get people to pay attention to your business. 

10 Top Creative Marketing Ideas For Bold Businesses

1. Vehicle Wraps 

If you're going to drive around all of the time, it makes sense to get a vehicle wrap. If you're asking, "What is a vehicle wrap?" it's simple. You put a graphic on your vehicle, and it "wraps" it. 

There are different types of wraps, and you can get all or part of your vehicle wrapped. Make sure you have someone that knows what they are doing wrap your vehicle since you don't want to damage your paint job. 

2. Elevate Your Brand With a Price Increase 

Do you feel like you're doing work for prices that are too low? If you feel like you're constantly working, but it's difficult to keep your company afloat at your current prices, it might be time to increase them. 

Not all customers are looking for the lowest priced products and services, so increasing your prices might help. People often associate higher prices with higher quality products—but you need to make sure your product is on point with the price—no subpar products allowed. 

3. Create a Rewards Plan 

Creating a rewards plan is a great way to keep people coming back after they've shopped once. Grocery stores made loyalty programs popular, but now everyone is getting in on the game. 

Figure out how you'll get people to come back with your rewards plan. Will it be through money off their next purchase? Maybe you will offer them special deals or exclusive purchases when they're members? 

4. Ask for Reviews 

The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that someone will be able to relate with the person in the review. You want to have a wide range of people leaving reviews for you. 

Stories and reviews sell, so collect as many as you can in order to get people to pay attention to your business and buy from your brand. 

5. Create a Referral Program 

People that love your product or service are likely to tell their friends and family about your business, but it's still nice to give them a little extra motivation by creating a referral program. 

Referral programs are a great way to get people talking about what you do. Besides that, people are usually excited to help their friends, so they are likely to do business with you to help their friend. 

There are a lot of out of the box solutions, so you don't have to build your own referral program. 

6. Get People Hooked on Beta 

Before releasing a new product or service, you can get a lot more attention by getting people to sign up and use the beta version. People naturally want things that are exclusive and will allow them to get a leg up on other people. 

Your beta product or service can be the same product or service you will release, but you have to make it limited for a little while to build the buzz. Once you've got the buzz, you can set a launch date and have your beta group spread the word for you. 

7. Go to Trade Shows 

Going to trade shows is a great way to meet people face-to-face. People love to see who is behind the products and services they are thinking about using. 

Not only can you connect directly with your customers at trade shows, but you can connect with influencers. Building relationships online is one thing, but when you get together with people in person, that's when things go to the next level. 

8. Get Big Recognition 

For this strategy, you need to play publicist for your company and find a big publication that will put your business in front of its readers. Some publications will want you to pay, but if you have an interesting story, you can get your business mentioned without putting out money. 

The more of your target audience that reads the publication you're in, the better. There's no use getting in a publication that none of your target audience reads, so make sure you do your research first. 

9. Be Your Own Biggest User 

If you don't have a lot of people to use your product or service, you have to be your own biggest user and fan. People shouldn't have to guess what you do and how awesome you think your product or service is. 

Instead of looking for other influencers when you don't have a budget to hire them—become the influencer that your brand needs. 

10. Convert Competitor's Users 

Don't get upset when you see other people using your competition's product or service. In fact, this is a great way to find people that might be interested in what you have to sell. 

Figure out ways you can get your business in front of them and let them know why you're a more attractive choice than your competition. 

Using the Best Marketing Ideas 

Now you have a lot of great marketing ideas to use for your next campaign. Getting started is the most important part, and you'll be able to map out your next move with the above ideas in your marketing arsenal. 

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