Now Is The Perfect Time To Fix Up Your Office

why now perfect time fix up office update workplace

There usually isn’t a convenient time to plan any construction at the office. Except for right now. The office is empty, so this is the perfect opportunity to set your renovation projects into motion. 

Working from Home Is the New Normal 

COVID-19 has pushed workplaces around the country to close their offices for the time being. Employees have asked the majority of their staff to set up home offices in hopes that they can complete all of their daily duties and deadlines from a distance. It seems that until there is clear control over COVID-19, working remotely will become the norm for most workspaces, and brick-and-mortar offices will not be at full capacity. 

Which means that it’s an excellent time to make changes at the office that would normally be massive challenges to put through. Normally, you would have to worry about things like noise pollution from construction disrupting the regular workflow and hurting employee productivity. You have to worry about health hazards like dust, debris or chemical fumes. Now, all of those inconveniences can be completely avoided. 

And it will better for the construction workers and installers, too. The building will be empty, making it a problem-free workspace for them. It’s a win-win situation. 

What Can You Do? 

Exterior Renovations

You will want to jump onto exterior renovations quickly before the winter weather arrives and stops any substantial improvements from getting made. Strike while the iron is hot and while the weather is not too cold. 

Pick a renovation that will be convenient for the office. For instance, you can have high-quality commercial sprinkler systems professionally installed so that your company can maintain the lawn even while everyone is away. A commercial sprinkler system lets you schedule watering and care for the lawn without any supervision. Once it’s installed, you don’t have to think about it. 

If you already have a sprinkler system, but it’s old or inefficient, now’s the time to update it with a superior system. Call up the local sprinkler installers so that they can get rid of the old system and replace it with the new one right away. 

Interior Renovations

When it comes to office spaces, looks matter. The workspace design can affect productivity — it can either motivate employees and stimulate creativity, or it can dampen it. You can take advantage of this time to revamp the area to make sure that it encourages employees to work better. 

A lot of interior renovations don’t have the same urgency as the exterior renovations. You can choose to install light fixtures, improve the bathroom plumbing or remove carpeting whenever. Prioritize the improvements that you’d like to see first, and that you can squeeze into your budget. 

If you don’t want to do something invasive, you can still plan for d├ęcor changes, like painting conference rooms or bringing in new furniture, without worrying about upsetting anyone’s workday. Even something as simple as deep cleaning the carpets will be easier when everyone is away. 

You can get all of this done when everyone is working at home. By the time that everyone can safely return to the office, the place will look completely updated.

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