Essential Things To Check When Selecting A Sydney Criminal Lawyer

selecting criminal lawyer sydney australia

A criminal defence attorney specialises in defending individuals or companies accused of a criminal offence. In Australia, a criminal offence may either be indictable or summary. With the latter being less severe, they are usually heard in the magistrates' court. 

The former - indictable is usually severe and heard in the supreme or county courts. There are numerous Sydney criminal lawyers to take up your case if you find yourself facing criminal charges. 

For the uninitiated, the following crimes fall within the areas of expertise of criminal lawyers in the Land Down Under: 

● Bribery 
● Drug possession 
● Arson / fires 
● Fireworks 
● Theft 
● Property damage 
● Hindering police 
● Public drunkenness 
● Dog matters 
● Underage drinking 
● Graffiti laws 
● Violent behaviour 
● Carrying a weapon 

This is a list of a few acts considered to be criminal offences. For an extensive one, you need to check with your local lawyers’ association. However, if you need the services of an attorney, here are a few essential pointers to choose the best one for your case. 

● Friends And Family 

Nothing spreads faster than word of mouth. If you are looking for seasoned Sydney criminal lawyers, the best place to start your search is through your close circle of friends and family. They can recommend you to a fantastic law firm even if they have never been incarcerated. 

● Check With Your Other Attorneys 

Professionals in most industries tend to socialise and keep a tightly knit circle of similar professionals. So, the chances are high that if you check in with your property, tax, or divorce lawyers, they could refer you to an equally reliable criminal lawyer. 

● Local Attorney Registry 

You can also get some hot leads by checking in with your local attorney registry. Most counties tend to have one to help connect clients with their legal representatives. Similarly, you could check with the lawyer association within your area for any referrals. 

● Internet 

By quickly checking the internet for criminal lawyers within your area, you are sure to get bombarded with several top leads. 

Ensure to exercise caution while carrying out your online investigations since it's easy to get scammed online. 

Below are a few reasons why getting yourself a lawyer to represent you in court is a good idea. 

1. Legal Repercussions 

As per the law, under particular situations, you could technically represent yourself in Australian courts. Despite this, if you can afford to pay your lawyer’s retainers fee, don't be cheap - simply pay up. If you think that they are expensive and not worth it, think again. 

Having an attorney take on your case ensures that you get the best legal representation possible. They could as well mean the difference between you going to jail or not. 

2. Save On Time 

If you are thinking of self-representation, you will have to educate yourself on everything involved during the stages of the case. A lawyer took several years to learn all that; how are you going to accomplish the same within such a short period? Simply get a lawyer and save your time as well as potential jail and embarrassment. 

3. Reduced Headache 

Just as each tool has its specialised job application, leave the court defence to the professionals - unless you are one yourself. Court proceedings are filled with legal words and terms which you may not comprehend. 

This, in turn, could increase to your list of problems. Instead of dealing with this headache, take the more straightforward route, and get yourself a lawyer. He/she is well-versed in such a language and better suited to carry forth with the proceedings. 

4. Reduction Of Sentences 

One thing you need to understand is that even the best lawyer can't guarantee that you won't be found guilty and sentenced to jail. Instead, what resourceful Sydney criminal lawyers could do is negotiate on your behalf for favourable sentencing if you are found guilty.

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