Sativa CBD Flower Strains You Ought To Try

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CBD flower whose scientific name is Cannabis Sativa L is also called as Sativa CBD flower. People from the west side are highly curious about these flowers due to various reasons. One of the most common and popular reason is its resemblance to the typical marijuana plant. Its usage, consumption limits and restrictions are continuous on and off topics in many countries in Europe and the US. 

Are you also eager to know more about this fascinating flower? Then you must read the following summary. However, something more interesting that adds to its intriguing nature is the different strains on these flowers. Given below describes few CBD flower strains that you must try. 

Cherry Wine 

This strain was produced by crossing the two popular strains, Charlotte Cherries and Wife. The desirable feature of this strain is that it is low in THC content and relatively high in CBD. This prepares it in offering a restorative experience to both the mind as well as the body. Also, this strain is cultivated from the dense hemp seeds. It is found to produce a magnificent amount of CBD, i.e. as high as 22%. Furthermore, Cherry Wine, the name itself suggests that it consists of aromatic compounds. Thus, giving a sweet cherry fragrance with a subtle black pepper tinge. 


If you are looking for something as a blend of citrus, sweet and piney, then your search ends at Electra. This strain undoubtedly offers the king's ransom of aromas and suits, either way, pipe and palate. Also, if someone wishes to orally consume the Sativa CBD flower, then this strain is preferable. These are basically medium-sized nogs, and its effect does not last long. This makes it suitable for calming without putting your body in inertia for hours. 


The name of this strain itself suggests its effect, i.e. it carries the potential to lift you! The lifter is a bit different from the other strains. That makes you calm but at the same time renders you with a sleepy feeling. However, Lifters do not produce any of these effects. Rather they help to relax you along with elevating you at the same time. This strain produces a strong aroma which features lemon, pineapple and pepper all together. Another striking feature of this strain is the ratio of CBD to THC in it is well balanced. 


The Spectrum strain of the Sativa CBD flower is often regarded as a powerhouse. This is due to its chilling and ponderous nature. It contains a high concentration of terpene along with having comparatively high traces of THC in comparison to other strains. Furthermore, the name of this strain is for a reason. It emphasizes its broad-spectrum or a broad range of possibilities. 

Super Lemon Haze 

The super lemon haze is something that could fill you with ultimate activeness and power. The refreshing lemon essence and the delta 9 THC in it are enough for generating instant charging. As well as calming effects on the mind and body. 

Sweet Premium 

The name of this strain is given by keeping its features in mind. Sweet premium essentially shows short and sweet nature. This strain does not have seeds and stems. However, these are just medium-sized flowers which have large and dense buds. Also, there is something else which gets reflected from this strain's name, i.e. it is delightful, sweet smell. 

T1 Flowers 

One would get to notice a mix of mint, citrus and lavender in the T1 flower strain. It gets its name due to the floral image, which has an impressive orange hair covering. This domestic floral strain could truly enhance your vaping experience. Unless you control your nostrils, so the inhalation is not premature. 


This strain could prove to be the best choice for the ones who are trying for the first time. It has tranquillizer properties and soothes the stomach to a great extent. It also generates a psychoactive effect in the body, calming or relaxing it incredibly. 

Cannabidiol Conclusion 

There are ample of hybrids possible in the CBD flowers. Mentioned above are just some of those CBD strains, but it is important to know that they are available in a vast diversity. Also, one must remember that each strain is different from the other and is adequate in its own sense. Thus, no strain should have a comparison with one another. As one cannot simply say which one is superior or inferior. It totally depends on an individual's choice that which Sativa CBD flower strain is preferable. 

Are you looking for trying on vaping or consuming CBD flower? Then you must consider buying from a reputed online store. The store must offer numerous types of CBD flower strains along with their descriptions. You can easily get the CBD flowers and strains which attracts you the most.

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