How Much Does Commercial Pressure Washing Cost?

how much does commercial pressure washing cost building power wash expense

Taking care of your commercial property requires you to put in some TLC and Sweat Equity. However, some matters of repair and maintenance should be left to professionals. 

Getting your building regularly pressure-washed puts forth a quality first impression to new customers while making returning customers feel warm and invited. Your building will be beautiful and you're protecting the long-term value of your office building. 

So what should you know about commercial pressure washing? 

What to Know About Commercial Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing involves mixing water and a cleaning solution to spray down the building to get rid of dirt and stains. Most companies bring in professionals to handle this work for them, and for good reason. Here are the major points you should know about commercial pressure washing services: 

1. The Cost of the Service 

First and foremost, you should get to know the price of commercial pressure washing so that you're in a position to make a higher whenever you need to. 

Professional pressure washing services can cost you between about 8 cents per square foot and 35 cents per square foot. 

You need to speak to pressure washing company individually to find out exactly how much they will charge to pressure wash you were building. 

The cost that you end up paying may also depend on other factors, such as the time of the year and how easy or difficult it is to access all of the major surfaces of your building they need pressure washing. 

2. The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Handle This Job 

So what makes pressure washing such a worthwhile service? 

For one, people will feel less inclined to come inside if the outside already looks like a mess. Pressure washing your building improves your curb appeal, which ultimately improves your property values. 

You'll definitely want to pressure wash your building and keep it clean if you live in a high-traffic area with lots of visibility. By leaving this work in the hands of a pressure washing pro, you'll get long-term results that are done correctly the first time. 

3. How to Find the Right Company 

Finding the best pressure washing company requires you to reach out to others who have hired them. Getting referrals helps you find a company that you can trust since you're speaking to professionals that are willing to vouch for them. 

Schedule some appointments with a few different commercial pressure washing companies so that you can learn more about what they offer and why you should hire them. 

4. How Often You Should Hire Pressure Washing Services 

At a bare minimum, you should be getting your building pressure washed once per year. However, you'll get better results when you stick to a quarterly schedule, and more when you need it. 

A lot of this will depend on your location and what kind of weather, pollen, and air quality you experience. Your pressure washing company can advise you accordingly. 

Get the Best Pressure Wash You Can Find 

Commercial pressure washing services will make your property look as good as new. Once you've found a licensed and professional pressure washing company, don't hesitate to book them. 

Your building will be better for it and your customers will appreciate the extra effort. Let these industrial washing tips help you get the most out of your commercial property.

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