How Ecommerce Businesses Can Make The Most Of The Back To School Season

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Marketing for ecommerce businesses is essential as this is their first and only contact with their customers and online. So, huge revenues are obtained as it helps to acquire customers and brand value. However, some industries such as ecommerce require frequent small and seasonal campaigns like a back to school marketing campaign. 

When marketing during back to school season sales increase and purchases grow across many industries. It has been estimated that 36% of every dollar spent was influenced by a customer’s experience with a brand online. Growing sales is always a great thing for a business. You’re getting more customers and more orders for them. 

The Right Products 

Annually, $828 billion is spent during back to school season. So, making sure you have the right merchandise is important otherwise back to school marketing campaign won’t be successful or effective. To find the right product to market you can analyse sales reports from previous selling periods to rate the degree of success each product line had, as the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” enhance the products that already have developed good traction without the marketing boost then use it to catalyse. 

Trends can be another indicator of what products to sell. This can be specific products or brands. So, when planning your back to school campaign, considering incorporating a hot trend to grab people’s attention. 

Marketing Angle 

Making your products stand out is important to entice shoppers to buy. Pointing out how people can use your products in school can be helpful in standing out from the competitors. By using props, you can create scenes to show your customers how, when and where to use the specific products. 

Media is big factor in marketing. According to the recent analysis, 37 million social media visits led to around 529,000 orders. By utilizing social media, you can advertise your products from different angles. 

Involve Kids 

At the end of the day back to school is about kids so not involving them doesn’t make sense. Asking simple questions about what they want to buy for the coming school year or asking for help in the campaigns. 

Go For Digital Marketing 

More and more people starting to shop online. Creating unique banners promoting your back to school campaign and setting up a back to school section on your website are best way to market product for this season. 

However, with the increased traffic for back to school season some sites can slow down. By fixing any issues will help with customer service. Also, optimizing social media such as Facebook is important. This is because Facebook helps to get more traffic to the website which leads to sales constituting average 85% of all the orders. 

Giveaways And Competitions 

Generating buzz and excitement around back to school and your products is essential for brand awareness. Giveaways or competitions can just do that. Especially for ecommerce businesses making aware of their products and brand is important to communicate to customer as it’s the only way to do so. 

It is a great way to capture prospects information as they have shown their interest in your product. With this information you can create mail lists and communicate with them through emails. 

Advertising Through Bloggers And Influencers 

Bloggers and influencers can do a lot for your business. So, teaming up with moms to market back to school campaign. According to a 2016 Rakuten Marketing study around 30% of parents are willing to spend more on an item for their child if it has been endorsed by and online influencer. 

Connect With Customers 

Pushing products isn’t not a way to get people to buy your product; customers need to feel that business cares about them. So, making a point that it helps your customers. Coming up with tips, resources and other high value information will help to convince customers that your products is much more important. 


Everyone loves a good promotion and discount so taking advantage back to school season is vital. This is where you can attract new and more customers, like teachers and educators. 

Also, promotions allow you to make use of your available data and create more useful data form it by collecting it from thousands of customers. 

These pointers will help you capitalize on this year’s back to school season. Taking advantage of rising social media and trends is essential to make the most of the back to school season. Some methods are cheaper than others; if influencers don’t fit into your budget a giveaway or contests work just as well. Back to school season is one of the most important events of the year, with one of the highest spending that any ecommerce business needs to take advantage off.

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