7 Office Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The goal of any office manager should be to get the most of every one of their employees. The problem is that doing so is easier said than done in any workplace. 

Recent studies found that nearly 95% of office workers say that bad office design can reduce their focus. If you're looking for a quick win, changing around your office is the perfect place to start. 

It's important for an office to be functional yet appealing to look at, since many employees spend 40-50+ hours in it every week for years. For example, if you get office wall art at Bumblejax, it can go a long way to making employees more productive and proud of their office space. And a few office plants can add elegance and a healthier ambiance. 

Small touches go a long way in a work space. But there are many options to choose from with office designs and errors to avoid as well.

You need to be careful when designing a space for work and choosing decor. Below are seven office design mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. 

1. Old Office Furniture 

Working in an office is different from a job where you're on your feet the whole day. Sure, you need to be fit to move around a lot. However, that doesn't mean that sitting down all day doesn't have risks. 

Old furniture doesn't do much to promote good posture for your employees. If they're sitting at their desks slouched over all day, that will lead to potential health problems in the future. If you want to keep your team happy and productive, make use of ergonomic office furniture. Supportive chairs and sit-stand desks will help keep people safe and comfortable during the day. Make sure you talk to your team about the best way to work so they can stay healthy while they're working. 

2. Bad Lighting 

It isn't good for you when you stare at a computer screen for an entire day. Your eyes strain when you look at computer monitors. If the room you're in has lousy lighting, things get worse. 

Old fluorescent bulbs are known to cause more eye strain and decrease productivity. As time goes on, these problems have the chance of getting worse and ruining the productivity of your best people. 

Make use of natural lighting wherever you can. Place your offices and desks close to windows, so you don't rely on artificial light during the day. If you don't have much natural light in your office, look into LED lights as office lighting options to replicate natural light as much as possible. 

3. Poor Storage Systems 

Nobody likes a messy room. Unfortunately, many offices don't do enough work to put storage systems in their office. When this happens, you get rooms with papers and supplies scattered all over the place. 

Invest in proper storage areas for your office supplies. If you have a spare room, fill it with shelves and storage containers. Assign each type of office supply to specific storage solutions. 

It also pays to provide storage for your employees. Give them filing cabinets and enough shelf space in their offices. Doing this will help them keep messes off their desks and give them room to personalize their workspace. 

4. Bad Open Layout 

Open office spaces are a big trend in office design these days. Yes, they do have advantages when it comes to collaboration. However, they can be destructive if you don't design your open layouts correctly. 

One of the most significant issues with open layouts is noise. Many people need a quiet workspace to stay productive. If there is a lot of activity around them, they won't do well during the day. 

Try to design around this to avoid distractions with your design. It is also smart to provide a few private offices for people who need quiet to focus on essential tasks. 

5. Not Grouping Workers Together 

It isn't a good idea to assign your employees to random offices. What happens when they need to collaborate with other people on the other side of the building? 

You get people running back and forth through the office the entire day. 

Try to create an office design that keeps people who collaborate regularly close together. Doing this will minimize travel time for your team. You can also create departments so that people know who they need to be around and act accordingly. 

6. No Break Area 

You don't want your employees to spend every minute of their day working. People aren't machines. They need a break now and again. 

A break area will provide your team with a place to unwind. You don't have to go overboard. Give people a place to relax, get some food, and talk with their peers. 

If you want to step things up, provide some activities for your employees to do during their break time. It will help them recharge and will provide team-building time for people who are on break together. 

7. No Reception Area 

It's unlikely that you'll never have visitors in your office. Unless you only work with people in remote locations, many clients may end up visiting your office to discuss business. It's a problem when you have nobody to greet them when they arrive. 

A reception area will provide a space for visitors to get settled in and be directed to the right location. It's also your first chance to make an excellent first impression if you're meeting a potential customer for the first time. 

Make sure to make this area cozy and professional. Your guests might have to wait when they first arrive. You don't want them to get bored while they're sitting in the reception area. 

A reception area is also the perfect place to display accolades your business has received. Buy a few display cases to show the awards your company has won. 

Make Sure to Avoid Common Office Design Mistakes 

Creating a good office layout is essential to encourage productivity for you and your team. Avoid the office design mistakes above to keep a vibrant office that people enjoy working in. Don't assume you know best and make decisions without looking into best practices for office design. 

Once you have an office layout complete, you can work on strategies to make your team more productive during the day. Read our latest posts to learn the best ways to motivate your employees and improve your workplace.

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