Why Gambling Habits Differ Between Men And Women?

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Gambling hit the face of the earth many years ago, and the industry is as old as the human race. The industry has transformed from the Stone Age type of games to glamorous games found on Interactive online platforms, or in gambling cities like Las Vegas. 

You can meet Lady Luck through playing some of the available games, whether its online slots (visit Deluxe Casino Bonus to browse the most popular games), table games, poker or even roulette. 

Gambling is fast transforming from just being a hobby, to one of the largest markets around the world. With the latest technology, players can place a bet on their mobile phone, from any corner of the world. 

There is no particular age group in this industry, because people from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, have joined this industry. 

While each age group has its preferences, intriguing differences are notable between male and female gamers. If you believe that women are from Venus, and men from Mars, please read on: 

Who Is Most Likely To Gamble More? 

According to a study done by 888 and CasinoHEX.in, who are both specialized in gambling, 43.8% of gamblers are women, while men account for 56.2% of gamblers. 

One of the reasons why the study places men ahead of women is because most men have a lot of free time, and they are not burdened with housework like women. 

Additionally, society accepts male gamblers more as compared to female gamblers. For women, it’s considered immoral, which makes them tend to hide their gambling activities. 

Also, in the recent past, we have seen a shift in gambling advertising, and many more companies are targeting female gamblers. This is clear from the many women-friendly marketing messages frequenting advertising houses. 

What Games Are More Preferred By Women? 

A study dubbed “A Study of Gambling in Victoria” was carried out by scientists in Australia. The results for both men and women gamblers came with some interesting results. 

For the majority of male gamblers, they prefer strategic/skill games. These include games like poker, blackjack, race betting, and sports betting. On the other hand, women preferred simple non-strategic games like bingo, slots, and, roulette. 

Additionally, male gamblers prefer high skill games like poker, and they play them twice as often as female players do. 

Women prefer other simplistic games like scratch cards or the lottery which are more socially acceptable, and in some areas, they are not even regarded as a form of gambling. 

It is common to find women engaging in charity gambling: like taking part in bingo clubs, and if they opt to play a game like slots, they will go for the one with fun characters. 

Slowly, there has been an increase in the number of women engaging in sports betting, however, that number is still very small, and a majority of women are still stuck in non-sporting categories. 

Activities like the Oscars, Eurovision song contest, and MTV or Grammy Awards attract much more women gamblers, as compared to sporting activities like football. 

Women Bet Less, But Remain Loyal Customers 

An interesting conclusion that was made by 888 research indicates that there is a huge difference between how men and women approach depositing. Of the users interviewed by 888, 51.8% of female users keep deposit low, and a majority will only deposit between one and ten pounds weekly, compared to 35.9% of men. 

More than 25.4% of men deposit more than 20 GBP weekly, more often than women, and only19% of women are willing to make a weekly deposit of 20 GBP. Men place larger bets that exceed 500 GBP, more often than women. 

On loyalty matters, women come as more loyal to a particular brand, and they will stick around as long-term customers. On the other hand, men are more flexible, and they will play on multiple platforms at the same time. 

According to the study, 35% of women were loyal on only one platform, while only 31% preferred playing on multiple casinos. 

For the men though, 29% of men preferred playing on a single casino, while 33% of them engage with multiple platforms. 

Men are born hunters, and they will always hunt around for better and bigger bonuses. 

Casino Conclusion 

Men and women may gamble equally overall, but often they have varying reasons for gambling. For men, they aim at making some money by exploring their skills and knowledge, while for women, it’s an activity to pass time. 

Women may gamble less but many casinos love their loyalty, and they are considered a valuable source of revenue. This is because women tend to stick to one brand for much longer as opposed to men.

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