What Are The Types Of Online Casino Bonuses And How To Use Them

types of online casino bonuses how to use bonus

Online casino bonuses are the highlight of any venue out there. In fact, some players might be after those deals alone, trying to convert them to a win with minimum investment. 

At the dawn of online casinos there was a welcome bonus and maybe one more on top. Today things are different: Australian players are presented with a great choice of friendly casinos. Inside are a dizzying number of special deals and promotions that take time to figure out. 

Another thing that can be confusing is that the same incentives may come under different names. Let’s have a look at some of the most noteworthy ones commonly offered across various venues. When you understand those basic types, you understand them all. 

But first… 

Free Spins, Cash, Or Cashback? 

Your reward can come in the form of cash, free spins, or cashback via wire transfer. Quite often it includes both cash and free spins, although some are just about one of those. 

Cashback is an interesting way to give back to players. You can earn cashback by playing specific pokies or just betting a specific amount over a predefined period. 

Welcome Bonus 

A welcome offering can come under different other names as well. It can be called "new player", "sign up", "registration", or "first deposit" bonus. It's worth mentioning that some casinos offer a package with a few rewards within. 

Take Kahuna casino for instance. While most other casinos offer 1 to 3 excellent incentives to all new players, at Kahuna you get a package of 10. The total worth of the package is A$4,000 + 200 free spins. 

What makes welcome bonuses different from the rest is that they are only available once to newly signed up players. Usually, they are more generous than other regular ones offered. For instance, 100% of your deposit instead of just half that. 

The cash and free spins may be credited to your account automatically if this is your first deposit. Some casinos want you to enter a special promo code. The activation codes can be found in easy access right on the casino's website. 

A welcome bonus usually requires a deposit of a certain minimum and needs to be wagered. 

High Roller Deal 

A high roller bonus is a thing of the past in most casino's playbooks. But there are still those offering a bunch of cash to new players eager to put a lot of money down. 

You'd usually be asked to deposit at least A$1,000 to qualify, but the maximum to claim would also be higher. While it's usually capped at A$100-$300 for regular customers, high rollers can get up to A$6,000 in some cases. 

No Deposit Deal 

As the name suggests, you do not need to deposit to claim that bonus. This no-risk approach is something many Australian gamblers appreciate. Given the great number of places to pick from, you cannot possibly deposit with each one. 

The usual offer is anywhere between A$10 and A$50. Sometimes instead of cash, you are offered a certain number of free spins. What you need to keep in mind about no deposit bonus is that the strings are still there. 

Free money or free spins might cost the casino dearly if a player wins big. Therefore, you will commonly find a clause in their terms that will limit the maximum possible win resulting from such a reward claimed. You will also need to wager the cash or free spins a specific number of times. 

And still, this is a sweet deal to be excited about. No money to risk and a great time to be had - with the same winning potential. What’s not to like? 

In the same way a no deposit incentive comes with restrictions and limitations, free slots bonuses usually aren’t cashable. 

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Deals 

Deposit incentives are very common, and at many venues, you can get them quite regularly. Ranging from 50% to 100% in most cases, they also need to be wagered. Maximum bet size also applies. 

These are also known as reload deals. The offer gets reloaded regularly so that everyone could participate whenever they please. 

Payment Method Incentive 

Certain casinos support specific payment methods for depositing. Using such payment methods gives you a cash reward or some free spins. This may be some new form of payment the casino is trying to popularize.

In any case, it's a safe and solid way to get something good on top of your investment. 

Drops & Wins 

Drops & Wins is a great deal that can literally just drop in your lap out of the blue. This kind of bonus is sudden and therefore even more enjoyable. 

What's usually needed to get it is to play qualifying pokies. Many casinos put them into a separate category, and these usually are top pokies you'd be playing anyway. 

Important: Why Some Players May Not Be Able To Claim Their Rewards 

Every casino comes with Terms of its own. The terms outline what you can and cannot do when gambling there. Not reading those terms in advance may lead to disappointment. 

Here are some of the most common issues keeping players from claiming their rewards or withdrawing winnings resulting from them: 

• You must deposit a certain minimum to get a welcome deal. 

• You need to wager amount claimed before withdrawing it or any resulting winnings. Make sure to read the terms closely, as sometimes you need to wager the amount claimed, and sometimes - your deposit + bonus. 

• While wagering, it's important to remember the maximum bet limits usually in place. Betting over the maximum results in the reward being forfeited. 

• Players using specific payment methods to fund their account, or cryptocurrencies, may not be able to partake in bonus deals. 

Casino Conclusion 

Casino bonuses are a great way to get ahead in the game without draining your own funds. Remember to read the terms every time and enjoy the vast variety of casino bonus options available!

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