5 Top Online Courses For Remote Learning

top online courses remote learning programs

Online courses are an essential aspect of studying in this day and age, and many people from different careers do courses online. They may help obtain specific information on a subject area and can be directed towards a certificate or included in a degree program. They generally provide greater flexibility in planning.

Online courses are becoming increasingly important, and many schools provide online options. Also, universities around the world are offered these programs, allowing students to study with teachers from other countries. Online business courses may cover general aspects of business as well as more specific areas like medical administration. 

These online eLearning programs are also highly discounted compared to traditional college courses and licensing programs if you know where to look. Visit BrokeScholar to find discounts on popular Udemy courses to help cut the costs of your remote learning coursework.

What Makes An Excellent Online Course? 

These five factors distinguish the best online courses from tens of thousands of mediocre courses in the world: 

1. Student Results Are The Ultimate Success Metric 

Having the best equipment and content counts for nothing if students are not able to translate the information they are learning into real life. When one is not able to find feedback from students that have successfully completed a course, it is strongly advised that you look for another course. 

2. Clearly Defined Course Outcomes 

The most popular courses have an evident, clearly defined result which students can achieve by taking this course. Here is an example: Thanks to my last online course "Built on a Blog" students promise that within a few months, you will easily progress from the idea of a blog to generating income from your new website. 

3. Instructors Have Tried And Tested What They Are Teaching 

A teacher who hasn't practiced what he preaches in this course is misleading students. It is important that those who you learn from are experienced in what they are teaching. 

4. Importance Of Accountability 

Everyone that signs up and starts a business course will face a few challenges along the way. Your instructor or group of students that you are working with will support, encourage and help get you back on the right track. 

5. The Importance Of A Variety of References 

The most popular online business courses should include case studies, interviews and input from experts who share their own personal experiences. This helps students because it adds different points of view that is a significant aspect of business courses online. 

Shopify Compass 

Shopify Compass offers  free online courses for people interested in starting a business online. They aim to give entrepreneurs a guide they can follow which helps to answer any questions they may have when starting a business for the first time. 

Key USPs 

- All textbooks, online courses, and seminars are free. To build a Shopify business, you will need to choose a plan that starts at $ 9 per month. 

- By registering with Shopify Compass, you get lifetime access to online educational resources that will help you get a business online or start a new business. Many of the tutorials and resources were designed to work side by side with a free trial version of Shopify. All training materials offered on Shopify Compass are either produced or approved by Shopify. 

- All courses are conducted by experts who work for Shopify, are partners, or successful entrepreneurs who have seen growth in their Shopify store. 

Coursera Offers Business Courses 

Coursera is a platform that offers many free online courses that enable people to grow in their abilities and move forward in their choice of career. The courses that are offered range from a specialised course to a Master of Business Administration degree. There are various faculties such as Marketing, Finance, Leadership & Management, and Entrepreneurship. Whichever course you decide to do, you will have access to 24-hour assistance and support in order to resolve any of your course-related issues. 

Key USPs 

- Discover ways to put what you learn in theory into action

- Learn to have better interaction with people, which is a skill that is very valuable when you work as a businessman or entrepreneur. 

- As part of your learning include various courses related to business, for example, marketing on social media and keeping up with the latest trends that are constantly evolving. 

- Use various quizzes and tests to broaden your expertise. 

- A certificate of completion is awarded to those that complete the course 

Business Classes Through edX 

EdX has a variety of online courses that are related to business. You'll gain basic knowledge of project management, finances, marketing, as well as entrepreneurship. There are a number of courses, for example, master's programs, MicroMaster and certification programs. When you have completed a course, you will have an understanding of the different strategies that businesses use. 

Key USPs 

- Discover the qualities of a leader through the entrepreneurship courses. 

- Have the option of participating in lectures about business development, finance management, and marketing. 

- Access to numerous quizzes, practical projects, and a number of lectures to broaden your expertise. 

- Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate. 

Online Courses With Udacity 

Udacity offers an array of courses including nano-diploma programs, certification programs on an individual level, and various other courses relating to business. At the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of business goals and how to achieve them. It doesn't matter if you are thinking of starting a business, moving up the career ladder, or laying a solid foundation, Udacity Business School will equip you for success. 

Key USPs 

- Several online courses are provided including those with nano-diploma courses. 

- Discover the key concepts and business goals in order to grow in your career. 

- For any course-related problems, you will have assistance. 

- Study at your own pace without any pressure of deadlines. 

- Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate. 

Online Business Courses At Harvard University 

There is no better place to study business than one of the world's well-known and recognized universities. Harvard University is known to offer many business courses based on users' requirements and their knowledge. More than 30 business courses are available on Harvard University's online platform, including Trend Courses - a nonprofit webinar on financial management, Improving Your Business Through a Health Culture, Financial Accounting Principles, and Corporate Finance. There are other business-related courses, such as Introduction to Data Science, Business Economics, and Management Accounting. With these courses, you will be able to cover almost all business-related topics. 

Key USPs 

- Learn the basics of finance, marketing, economics, and other important factors involved in managing and successfully running a business. 

- Expert professors from Harvard Business School design all courses. 

- Help you learn the social sciences that underlie careful business management. 

- Learn and explore methods to improve your investment strategy and portfolio management with the Fundamentals of Investment course. 

- Ask for outside help from instructors if you have problems accessing or understanding the course content. 

Top Online Courses Summary 

What new skills do you want to learn (or should learn as soon as possible) as a small business owner

Whether you're facing an urgent challenge or just want to reinforce your business knowledge, know that there is an entire digital university that you can take advantage of - and you don't have to pay a brick-sized tuition fee.

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