6 Reasons Your Business Should Start Using A Mobile Notary Service

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A notary public is a third party service that can be used to authorize documents between two parties. Their authority confirms these signed documents as legally-binding. 

If you’re building your business from the ground up, notary services are just one of the services you may require in your day-to-day operations. These notary services can streamline the transaction process and free you from limiting location inconveniences. With an in-house or third-party notary, your business can enjoy the benefits of expansion. 

Of course, sometimes visiting a notary public at a bank or other institution isn’t feasible or convenient, and most startups don’t have a notary in-house. In such situations, connecting with a mobile notary like this can be a huge asset to your team. 

Here are six reasons why you should start using a mobile notary service today. 


With every business featuring its own unique set of needs, every hired service provider that supports your business model should be able to adapt to your company’s needs. Mobile notaries meet these expectations by providing around-the-clock service and 24/7 accessibility at the locations where their services are required. 

If your business requires routine travel to meet sales goals, access to notary services in multiple locations becomes a necessity. Locations aside, it can be challenging for the required signatories to extend their availability beyond designated working hours. For businesses that deviate from the 9-5 model, a mobile notary becomes the perfect solution for ensuring necessary documentation is signed once a signatory becomes available. 

While you are unlikely to require notary services in the dead of the night, it's comforting to know that one would be available should you need them in foreseen circumstances. 

Risk Mitigation 

Another benefit of using notaries is the ability to protect yourself and your business from identity theft and fraud. While you want to assume that everyone you do business with has your best intentions at heart, this isn’t always the case. There are numerous legal, personal, and financial risks associated with daily transactions. To minimize your risk of fraud, you’ll need to verify the other party's identity before they sign a document. 

Luckily, a notary will act as an objective third party that oversees this verification on your behalf. They verify signatures, ensure documents are not signed under duress, and confirm the signatories' identities. In a sense, recruiting a notary adds an added layer of verification and is, inherently, a deterrent to fraud. 


Mobile notaries are available on a same-day appointment basis, meaning you don’t have to book an appointment and wait for your scheduled time slot. In the context of a business, this means you’ll rarely have to forego opportunities on the principle of being unable to secure a notary to oversee document signing. 


Mobile notaries come to you, so you don’t have to allocate time in your schedule to travel to an off-site location. This convenience factor means that you can carry on with your daily schedule without interrupting meetings for an appointment with a notary. 

These on-site services from a mobile notary shave off unnecessary commute times and allow you to focus on other matters related to your business. With a mobile notary, you can dedicate your time and energy to your day-to-day business operations. 

A mobile notary can meet you in your hotel room, an airport while in transit, a coffee shop—virtually anywhere. While a mobile notary service might cost a little extra, the convenience factor is worth the investment. 

Limits Your Liability 

The United States is becoming increasingly litigious. Because businesses have to operate in this legally-contentious environment, business deals can easily turn sour and may end up in court, whether the grounds are malicious or genuine. 

From a litigation point of view, notarization is a significant safeguard against unfavorable rulings or costly lawsuits. Being able to provide notarized documents with clearly outlined terms and duly-signed paperwork can considerably protect your business assets and financial interests. 

Aside from notarization being a prudent business practice, it’s legally mandated in some states. 


Not only will mobile notaries travel anywhere to notarize a document, but they’ll keep the subject matter of your meeting completely private. Meeting with a notary at a coffee shop or other unconventional location will keep your intentions discreet, whereas stepping into a notary's office makes your purpose clear for all present. 

For people who like to conduct their business with high levels of discretion, a mobile notary introduces an added layer of confidentiality. With high profile business matters, comprehensive security is of utmost importance. 

Choosing The Best Notary Service Company For Your Business 

Needless to say, the importance of a notary service for your day-to-day business operations should nudge business professionals towards hiring in-house notary services of their own. When selecting the best mobile notary for your company, you’ll need to account for the following factors: 

Nationwide Reach 

Your business shouldn’t come to a halt when you’re traveling cross-country or on-the-go. A notary service with notaries spread out across the country makes it possible for you to conduct business anywhere, at any time, and on short notice. 

In your research, identify how many notaries a company has on-staff and if they have them available in the cities where you’ll be traveling to for work. Don’t find yourself trapped in an area where notary services aren’t in-network. Before hiring a mobile notary, research available notaries and weigh the pros and cons of each notary company. 


If you’re bootstrapping your business, every dollar counts. To avoid unnecessary or hidden costs, you’ll want to locate a firm with comprehensive services, excellent reviews, and reasonable notary fees. 


Prospective notaries should have significant experience in their field, and when possible, the industry you operate in. 

As you can imagine, mistakes made by notaries can significantly impact your business. Some of the errors and oversights can be avoided by recruiting a well-trained, certified, and experienced notary. 

In Summary 

Having a reliable mobile notary service on-hand will ensure that you capitalize on available business opportunities quickly and with minimal risk. The convenience of these mobile notary services also ensures you use your time effectively towards scaling your business and striving for growth.

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