How To Recover Lost Pallets - Tracking And Tracing

how to recover lost pallets inventory management system

Pallets are important and need to be tracked carefully. If you lose them it can impact your business negatively. The sooner you realize that some pallet is not present, the better the likelihood of recovering it. If you do not even realize that pallets have been lost, then it will be tough to recover them. Read on to find out more about tracking, tracing, and recovering pallets for your warehouse or manufacturing factory. 

Have Pallet Stock Takes 

It is not possible to properly figure out where the pallet is if there are no regular counts of this occurring. Those businesses that pursue this task only sometimes are not helping themselves out. Try and do the count near the invoice date and when the movement of these pallets is at its minimum. You need to keep proper track if you want to know when any pallet is lost. If you need to purchase additional pallets for your warehouse or production plants, check out used plastic pallets from Plain Pallets.

Check Owed Pallets 

It is a good idea to not give pallets to other businesses to use, but when you have to, be certain that you receive them as soon as it is possible. You should know that many businesses may not give these back to you when no pallets are present for the exchange. Try and keep track of any owed pallets every week. 

Get The Help Of Experts 

Some companies provide pallet recovery services. You can get the help of experts to do the tough tasks for you. Check to see if the company has good reviews, how much they will charge you, what services they provide etc. 

Get the help of a reputable company that can aid you and not causes more problems. Find reviews of the company on social media sites and see what real customers felt doing business with them. 

Have A Good System In Place To Keep Track Of Any Pallets 

To avoid hardships, later on, you should have a good system in place that constantly keeps track of the pallets. There are businesses involved in this as well. There are different ways that pallets can be tracked. You can get the help of an efficient pallet management company. They will be involved in tracking down and also transporting your pallets. There is also advanced technology that helps with keeping track of these. 

Technology includes barcodes, Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID, Inventory Management Software. You can check to see which one is better for your business. However, it is claimed that RFID allows tracking to occur with limited effort in comparison to barcodes. It is possible to select barcodes, RFID tracking, and even a mixture of both. Barcodes tend to be less costly, do not need special equipment, whilst RFID allows tracking to occur with limited effort. Tracking can also occur with the help of pallet pooling. If you rent out pallets then you will not have to pay as much to buy them and handle them. 

Proper Pallet Protection

If you use pallets in your business you need to have a proper system that can keep track of them. If this is in place you will immediately know when any wooden or plastic pallet needs to be recovered and you can pursue the correct processes for this. 

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