10 Freight Shipping Tips To Get Your Product On Time

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Did you know that 77% of shoppers abandon a purchase if there are unsatisfactory shipping options? The shipping experience plays a considerable role in customer satisfaction. If you are not providing exceptional shipping services, you are missing out on potential sales. 

Given the growing competitive business landscape, business owners are in pursuit of a reasonable freight shipping rate. At the same time, the quality of service delivery has to be constant. 

Freight shipping can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a large clientele. You might be unsure of the right steps to take. Here are 10 freight shipping tips that will ensure the timely delivery of products. 

1. Compare Available Shipping Options 

You can ship your products through ground, air, or ocean. Depending on your budget and timeline, you can consider the most affordable option, which is often ocean shipping if it is an international delivery. For local deliveries, railroads are cheaper than trucks. 

Other than the cost implication, it would help to choose a transport option based on the time it takes to deliver goods. If you have indicated a one-day delivery on items, shipping by ocean might not be ideal. You will end up losing customers’ credibility. 

Outsourcing transportation can save you a significant percent of your delivery. You might want to vet freight shipping companies to get a partner that prioritizes customer service. An unreliable shipping firm can jeopardize your entire business. 

2. Consolidate Your Family 

If you make your shipping from a single location every time, you can consolidate your goods or shipment. The consolidation of shipment refers to combining a variety of small purchases to lower transportation costs. This shipment type is also known as Less than Container Load. 

As of last year, the top ten container lines controlled about 70% of the shipping capacity. The concentration is attributed to the growth of consolidation in the industry. Unlike unconsolidated loads, consolidating your shipment will help reduce your transportation cost by a significant percent. 

You can consolidate the deliveries by using one pallet, where you stack your boxes together. Besides saving on freight shipping costs, you will save significant time since the load will only be one. 

3. Network and Negotiate 

Building a relevant relationship with different partners is crucial. With freight shipping, it would be ridiculous to imagine that your shipping company will always be available. They might lack the options you need for a particular delivery. 

Establishing a trustworthy and robust network of shippers will save you from an unexpected turn of events. Take time to know new carriers. While at it, be honest, respectful, and calm to form sustainable rapport. 

With such networks, you'll be confident that your clients will be getting your goods on time. You won't worry about missing out on delivery if one of your carriers doesn't have the services you need. Networking will give you significant benefits beyond exceptional shipping services. 

4. Safeguard Your Shipment 

Your shipment might be prone to cargo damage or theft, either in the warehouse or while in transit. Theft or damage can make you incur significant losses. Worse still you’ll lose credibility with your clients. 

You ought to package your products in the right way. The packaging will not only protect the goods; it will increase brand awareness. You can also have your freight shipments in pallets or crates. 

Ensure that you have the right packaging for each product. For instance, products that can spill over will need proper sealing to deter potential hazards. You can use waterproof envelopes and poly bags to prevent extensive damage. 

5. Provide Accurate Freight Information for Your Freight Shipping 

The right freight information will determine how your shipping experience will be. It would help if you started by providing the correct dimensions for your freight. The dimension, in this case, refers to the height, width, and length. 

Carriers often use the freight dimensions to establish the number of loads that will be in one truck. If you provide incorrect information, the carrier might have to make several costly adjustments. You can use an online calculator or manual calculation to get the ideal dimensional weight. 

Freight weight is another crucial factor in determining the freight quote. The U.S. Department of Transportation has set the maximum weight limit at 80,000 pounds gross weight. Failure to provide the right freight weight can cause hitches, including price adjustments. 

6. Utilize Technology 

Technology has significant positive impacts on different business processes. In freight shipping, you'll need to know where all the items are in the warehouse. Technology can help to locate your warehouse items, identify the remaining stock, and maximize efficiency. 

Barcode scanners are amongst the technology tools that you can use for your shipping. These solutions will reduce cases of human error and save time. Your business will save significant work hours that they would spend tracking goods. 

Other than the barcodes, there are several tools that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your freight shipping. From freight forwarding to shipping label software, the options available are inexhaustible. Automating tasks will increase the timely delivery of goods to your customers. 

7. Ship in Bulk, Less Frequently 

Bulk shipping is one of the best ways to reduce freight shipping costs. If you are shipping ten pallets in a day, it will be more efficient and cheaper than two pallets every other day. You can check out different carriers to determine the rates for bulk buying. 

It is possible to ride on bulk shipping by encouraging your customers to make a bulk purchase. You can have a promotion where shoppers get free shipping if the orders exceed a specific amount. Research on ways you can encourage bulk buying to ensure that you ship less often but in bulk. 

With time, you’ll realize that you’re saving a significant amount on shipping. Your customers will also save some dollars in bulk buying. A win-win situation will get your business thriving! 

8. Hire Right and Invest in Training 

When you check out more information on freights, you will realize that freight shipping goes beyond delivering products. There’s a lot that goes into the services, and hiring the right person is indispensable. You need to analyze the job description to establish the right fit. 

Your shipping might require a person who can multitask, pays attention to details, and can work with deadlines. Once you get the right person, keep training, and encouraging them to seek more skills and knowledge. International shipping keeps involving, and knowing the trends is crucial. 

Employees unaware of new port requirements, customs compliance, and country regulations could lose millions of dollars. You can't compare what you stand to lose with the training cost. It might take longer to get the ideal person, but it will be worth the wait. 

9. Work on Your Communication 

The most effective way of coordinating your freight shipping is through effective communication. It would be best if you had open communication with clients to inform them of delays in deliveries. The warning will save your reputation and ensure that clients remain loyal to your brand regardless of the hitch. 

You can use the Transport Management System (TMS) to inform clients if there will be any delays. The communication allows customers to make changes on when and how they will receive the shipment. Other than communication with clients, it is crucial to improve how you communicate with your warehouse. 

Communicating with your warehouse on time is crucial in maintaining fast delivery. Your team at the warehouse will give you adequate feedback on stock and processes. You can have a warehouse manager who can be a go-between when communicating with your warehouse staff. 

10. Track the Shipment 

In freight shipping, you have to monitor the products until they get to the client. It’s not surprising for you to forget the shipments once they are out of the warehouse. It’s never safe until it gets to the recipient. 

Issues can arise when the shipment is in transit. If you're not involved, the cargo might get lost, leaving you with losses. The best way to avoid the situation is to track the shipment, which is often easy with the right software. 

The carrier might experience challenges at the port, forcing them to leave the shipment at the port yard. Such a scenario will mean that you will miss on the deadline besides risking cargo damage. Instead of relying on people to inform you of what is happening, be proactive throughout the delivery. 

The Right Freight Shipping Solutions Are Essential for Your Business 

Your delivery services are an extension of your brand. If customers don’t have the best freight shipping experience, they are likely to consider an alternative brand. It is crucial to know some tips to have cheap freight shipping without compromising the quality of service

If you are working with a third party to ship goods, your involvement isn’t debatable. Freight shipping companies might have different values from what you uphold. You need to get a company that has the customer’s best interest at heart.

Timely deliveries will improve the perception consumers have about your brand. With a few changes, you can give your clients an exceptional delivery experience thanks to freight shipping

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