5 Businesses That Should Use Portable Canopies Every Day

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Continuing to work outdoors is an integral part of many businesses and creating appropriate cover will allow just that. Portable canopies can offer many businesses a way of weatherproofing their trading, to provide customers shelter, staff a safe and secure workspace, and protection for stock. 

How A Canopy Could Help You Continue Doing Business 

Pop-Up Restaurants 

In recent years, pop-up restaurant events have become a bit of a trend. The summer months are prime time for these types of events, as they attract large crowds who want to try out new food. A portable canopy provides restaurants for pick up areas the protection they require to continue trading. A canopy will allow staff to cook and serve, while protecting from the sun, rain, and wind. 

A portable canopy can help create a cut-off area from the public, where staff can safely prepare food in their makeshift kitchen and serving stations. 

Not only will a portable canopy protect staff, but they can also be used to protect customers as they wait in the restaurants for pick up areas to collect their food. 

Trade Shows 

If your business attends trade shows throughout the year, you could benefit from having your own branded portable canopy. Your new canopy will provide customers with an area to browse your products, ask questions, and listen to your showcase. The clear branding on your portable canopy will help potential customers recognize you and be aware of who you are, making you far more memorable. 

Auto Repairs And Car Detailing 

Portable canopies for car detailing and auto repairs provide engineers with much-needed protection, as well as the cars they are working on. Car detailing requires a level of protection from all elements, as both sun and rain can damage the work being done on the car. 

If you offer car detailing as part of a service, a portable canopy will allow you to set up a safe and secure space to work, to continue working without the risk of the elements causing damage to the customer's car. When carrying out car detailing, the car needs to be covered from the sun as hot temperatures can affect polishing, cleaning, and light cosmetic work. 

While mechanics work on cars for window repairs or internal damage, a portable canopy will come in useful to cover the car, so the worker doesn’t have the worry about anything damaging the car or internal counterparts. 

Mobile Businesses 

Many businesses that operate on a mobile basis can benefit by travelling with a portable canopy in their vehicle. Workers such as plumbers, landscapers, and window fitters all require many hours or a full day’s work. 

Plumbers could benefit from coverage for jobs such as plumbing extensions into the main drainage systems, outdoor pipes, and outdoor taps. A portable canopy would provide a plumber with shelter so they can carry out their job as efficiently as possible, without risking the property further damage by the elements. 

Landscapers typically work full days, to create beautiful gardens for their customers. As landscapers cover all aspects of garden work from fence fitting, turf and artificial grass, paving, to complete garden renovations, they can require the use of machinery and heavy equipment. A portable canopy would create a storage space as well as coverage when required. 

Supermarkets And Small, Local Stores 

Stores are in a unique position of being able to make the most out of their portable canopies. If you run your own independent store, you are able to promote your company branding to create an impact in passers-by. Portable canopies can offer an effective way to market your business while offering customers shelter. 

Better Company Branding With Portable Canopies

Overall, a portable canopy can provide your business with clear branding and marketing tools to make your business recognizable to customers. Not only that, but being able to work throughout the year, in all types of weather, is a vital part of many businesses who operate outdoors.

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