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Recently Apple announced that it would be banning and removing all vaping related apps from the Apple store. This step was taken in light of the recent surge in cases of vaping related lung diseases and deaths. The company removed a total of 181 apps related to vapes from the Apple store. 

The apps that were removed included apps that were connected to hi-tech vaporizers that were controlled by apps such as Pax3. The removed apps also contained those from vaporizer stores that showcased their products and gave vaping related information. 

Apps that enabled users to control temperature, vaping preferences and other information such as dosing limits or information on the cartridge in use. Apps that gave vaping related statistics were also removed. 

How Has The Ban Affected The Vaping Industry And Users 

The ban by Apple has greatly reduced the market for vaping companies has iOS users will not be able to access their apps. The companies will have to come up with a different idea to make their apps or the additional functions available through these apps to Apple users. 

New and upcoming app developers that are planning on creating vaping related apps will have to work around the ban or limit their market to Android users or other such stores. The ban on vaping apps has also affected those who used certain apps to track and record their vaping habits as an alternative to smoking to quit. 

The ban will affect the progress of such users especially those who depend heavily on these technologies to keep a check on themselves. As for users of app-connected vaporizers, they will lose access to some key innovative features within their devices and will have to manage their devices manually like changing the temperature or keeping the saturation in check. 

A plus point to the whole situation is that vaping related apps that were already downloaded and in use by customers were not automatically deleted or disabled. These can still be used and will not be removed in the future. This means old users can still run the apps and use them freely on their Apple devices. 

How Are Vaping Companies Dealing With The Ban? 

As the apps are still available on the Android store and other app stores the companies still have a large user base. The ban has mostly affected dry herb—related vaporizers as Apple tries to make the app store more health-friendly. 

However some companies are devising solutions for their Apple users, one such company is Pax which has recently launched a web app that has the same options and functions available to users as the app that was banned by the apple store. Even though the web store is a viable solution it is still not accessible on mobile phones and usage options are very limited on a windows laptop. The full range of app-controlled products from Pax can only be accessed by a Mac book.

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