Why React Is Trending And How To Use React Templates

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What is ReactJS 

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used to render user interfaces and is component-oriented. This library developed by Facebook is used by the company itself to develop its products, both Facebook and Instagram, so we can consider them as a stable, mature, and continually improving tool. 

Advantages of using ReactJS Learning to use ReactJS has many advantages. Below I tell you the ones that I like the most, and the ones that make me prefer to use this JavaScript library. 

The Page Is Not Reloaded, Only The Element Is Updated

One of the main properties of ReactJS is that it allows updating the elements that make up an interface by updating the component that has changed its state, instead of updating the entire page. This allows really agile interfaces for web applications with an excellent user experience since there are no waiting times for the user. 

This finally makes a web application a viable option from a usability point of view, since it creates fast applications, agile to use facing the user and that are not interrupting every time there is a change in the data. 


The ReactJS repository has more than 50,000 stars on GitHub. It is a huge and very active community, which generates many resources to learn how to use the library and improve it. It is one of the libraries that has grown the most in recent months and is increasingly found in more applications such as Airbnb, Netflix, Instagram, and even for the administration panel of WordPress.com and Jetpack. 


It is the React library's own claim that : learn once, write anywhere. And it is that ReactJS opens the door to any platform: learning ReactJS will not only allow you the possibility of creating amazing web applications. Also, thanks to React Native it will allow you to create native applications for iOS and Android at the same time, you will be able to create native applications for mobile phones, tablets, televisions, watches, etc. 


Thanks to the component system you can create applications that are very scalable and easy to maintain. The component system is based on the fact that the application is a component made up of other smaller components, such as a button. 

In ReactJS each of the components that make up the application is completely independent, they can even have their own unique styles module. This system also comes in handy for teamwork, as each member can develop independent components. 

It Is Reactive

You don't have to update all the elements whose status value has changed, it is the system that automatically updates the elements that have to be updated. There are no listeners, delegates, or observers to use. It is a very comfortable way to program, and very efficient to avoid bugs. When there is a change in status, all items to be updated are automatically updated without us explicitly having to indicate it. 

Declarative Programming

Unlike other environments, at ReactJS we use declarative programming instead of imperative. In imperative programming you tell your program how to do something step by step, in ReactJS we say what we want to do or what we expect thanks to a certain abstraction layer of the library. 

Where To Start Learning ReactJS 

There are many ways to learn ReactJS. Of all the ones I have seen, I recommend these in the order that I indicate: 

1. Start Watching Facebook page tutorial as they are short videos and contain the main context of the topic 

2. Start using React to build Egghead web applications to get a kick start initially it can be by following any standard coding community. 

3. Follow Simon Swiss YouTube channel as it has on his YouTube channel a series of videos where he makes a small application to choose names that allow you to continue immersing yourself in a very simple way in ReactJS. Here you can see stateless components, input bind, and more form options. They are a series of videos in English, but quite neutral and very easy to follow. They are very short and simple videos that will allow you to continue with your learning. 

How React Templates Helps You 

React Templates reduce a lot of your work. ReactJS Templates are easy to use and smooth. Ready to use React templates are the best options if your application requires a modular front end structure. ReactJS Templates are highly customizable and best for a project which requires a single page. 

Many online game developers use React Templates. Even React templates are used in Chat apps or apps for visualization of data. With Ready to use React you can easily iterate on any element faster and efficiently. Almost all ReactJS Templates are SEO friendly. So, you can consult SEO Company in Dubai for better guidance. 

Why React Templates Is So Popular 

● React template gives an opportunity for all developers to work easily and smoothly. 

● Developers can describe the interfaces in terms of the final state instead of describing transactions on interfaces. 

● React Template automatically updates the interface when transactions happen to the described state. 

● If you want to become a React Template developer then all you need is JavaScript Skills. These skills are easy to learn. 

● The main advantage of React is to be able to generate the DOM ("Document Object Model", the structure of the elements that are generated in the web browser when loading a page) dynamically. This allows that in order to visualize the data changes, it is not necessary to render the entire page again, but only the component that has been updated. Thanks to this feature, it improves: the user experience when browsing the web application, the speed of loading the pages and facilitates the maintenance of the application 

● Being based on JavaScript, it has a large community that has many external libraries. 

● As we have previously mentioned, the web applications developed with React are based on reusable components. This makes the application more scalable and easier to maintain since errors will happen in the component's own functionality or in communication with others. 

● This is the latest standard for JavaScript. It provides greater readability and versatility to the code, which facilitates the development of the software. In addition, so that older browsers do not become obsolete, this latest generation code can be translated with Babel, a tool that is responsible for transforming JavaScript code written with the ECMAScript 6 specification into code that any browser can interpret. 

● From the point of view of web positioning, the main problem of frameworks is that, due to the decoupling between the client and the server, the data that will be displayed in the HTML is obtained through requests to the API, which is the one that supplies the data from the server and, once the framework gets the data, builds the HTML. In this way, when Google (or any other search engine) crawls the web, the HTML content is empty and it is not able to interpret the keywords. This causes the web positioning of a CMS like WordPress to be more optimal than that of development based on a framework. However, thanks to the React isomorphism, it is possible to build the HTML with the content already rendered and obtain a web positioning as optimal as a WordPress. 

● As it is a library, we can group it together with other libraries such as Redux to achieve greater functionality and facilitate development. Redux and React fit very well as they both work with states. While each React component has its own state (data from each component that is modified throughout its life cycle), Redux's function is to issue status updates in response to actions. 

React Template Conclusion 

Although React Templates are complete library, on many occasions it does not provide all the functionality that development requires, so it is completed with third-party libraries. However, its development facilities such as flexibility, speed, and organization of the code make it one of the favorite options among others. 

So, it is a tool in continuous evolution, due to the high number of users that demand new features and functionalities. In fact, React has been so successful that many of the most important applications worldwide have started using it to develop their websites: Airbnb, Dropbox, Netflix, and Instagram.

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