7 International Marketing Tips To Target Customers

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Did you know that last year, 70% of the Coca-Cola Company's sales were international?

Of course, other countries have their own local soda brands. However, the Coca-Cola Company has created a strong brand, and they have developed loyal customers around the world.

But how can you emulate their success and create your own global success? Should you just replicate your standard marketing techniques worldwide?

Keep reading below to learn seven tips for international marketing.

1. Unify Your Brand

No matter where you are branching out, it is important that you retain consistency as you expand globally. Your customers should be able to immediately recognize your products or logo, regardless of whether they speak the same language or live on the same continent.

2. Make Your Content Accessible

Far too often, a brand will attempt to expand internationally without so much as translating their website. Leaving translations up to Google Translate will result in lost customers.

Making an effort to translate your brand's materials show you care about reaching your global audience. Having a clear option to translate your website, social media platforms, etc. is important in reaching a global audience. Be sure if your products are purchased through your website that you provide a currency converter as well.

3. Utilizing Visuals

Now 65% of people are visual learners, which means it's vital that you utilize visuals in your global marketing materials. Even if you choose not to translate your marketing materials, a visual representation of your services can still compel a global consumer to buy your product or research your brand.

4. Have a Local Presence

Whether your brand is big or small, it's pertinent that you have some sort of local presence as you expand globally.

Building a satellite branch is a great way to demonstrate corporate citizenship. You're showing your global customers that you want to be candid with them and play an active role in their economy. Plus, it gives them a physical location where they can raise any questions or concerns about your services.

5. Understand What Makes You Unique

What is it that local competitors aren't bringing to the table? How can you provide the same service but better?

These are the questions you need to ask before you start selling globally. Chances are there's already someone selling the same product as you, so it's important that you pinpoint what makes your services unique and build upon that.

6. Conduct International Marketing Research

If you aren't familiar with the global market you're pandering to, conduct some research first. It's important to understand the target audience and the local economy. It's also wise to understand which social media platforms are popular and which search engines are most commonly used. 

Expanding globally is much like opening a new business altogether. The customers have different perspectives and consume within a different market, so you need fresh market research to help you develop the best international marketing strategies.

7. Collaborate with Local Partners

If you want to gain the loyalty of global clients, collaborate with an on-ground local business. It will show that your business is more than just a logo, and it will help you gain name recognition. Plus, by creating a joint product or promotion with local business, you'll get a firsthand look at the market and consumer habits in the area.

Branch Out

With an ever-growing digital world, it's becoming easier and easier to connect with people halfway around the globe. Don't let the opportunity pass you by—use the international marketing tips above to grow globally too! Get your message out there around the world!

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