10 Tips for How to Save on Amazon

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Did you know a whopping 150 million people use Amazon as their preferred partner in online shopping?

Amazon has risen to be the most popular online shopping site and it seems to be worth the risk, especially with the ongoing pandemic. It’s quite the advantage to shop on Amazon when you can shop in the comfort of your home.

However, shoppers don’t always get the best deals online and may lose more money than they think, either by overspending, or impulse buying.

Do you want to learn how to save on Amazon? We’ve got a guide for you. Check out some of the simple steps below to get the most out of your Amazon shopping spree:

1. Be an Amazon Prime Member

Prime members get many benefits, including free and fast shipping.

You can get your order on the day you bought it, in two days, in two hours, or even on a specific date to receive your order. Additionally, you get streaming benefits like watching from Prime video and listening to Prime Music.

Prime members can also avail of the Prime Rewards Visa Card which gives back up to 5% of your money spent. You also get discounts exclusive to prime members from family items.

Take note that some states will be subject to sales tax and not all items are eligible for immediate shipping.

To be a member, you’ll have to pay $12.99 per month or pay $119 per year. If you find yourself buying frequently on Amazon, you will likely enjoy cheaper shipping with your savings and benefits.

2. Make Money With Amazon Trade-In

A great way to trade your unused items and get some extra spending money is by using Amazon Trade-in. Amazon Trade-In allows you to trade your electronics for quick Amazon credit.

You can check how much your electronic is worth in the Trade-In page, and Amazon will help get your item to them with free shipping. Once your item arrives and they get to check the condition, they'll send the fund directly into your Amazon account.

3. Save With Clip-On Coupons

You can use clip-on coupons on selected items like groceries, household items, and cosmetics. Simply click on Clip Coupons and the saving will apply as soon as you checkout.

Amazon offers coupons that can take off from $10 up to $100 to make sure you save for your necessities. This ensures that when you do choose to buy what you need from Amazon, you still have cash for things you want.

4. Take Advantage of Slow and Fast Shipping

Amazon Prime members can get their items in 2-3 days, but slow shipping is always available. It's cheaper, but it takes longer and the shipping can take as long as two weeks.

You don’t always have to be a Prime member to get free shipping. You can buy many items that can cost you at least $25 and get an option to have free shipping to lessen your fees. Some products also have Free Shipping placed on the description of the product.

5. Shop With a Prime Rewards Visa Card

With a Prime Reward Visa Card, you can get Amazon gift cards worth up to $70. The card also gives back 5% of your cashback when you purchase at either Amazon or Whole Food Markets.

You get 2% back when you purchase in restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores and 1% on everything else as long as they accept Visa cards. Take note that only Amazon Prime members gain access to a Prime Rewards Visa Card.

6. Buy at the Amazon Warehouse Deals

Placed in Today's deals at the submenu, click on the Open-Box & Used to see the Amazon warehouse section. This section is where you can find plenty of opened, damaged, and returned items, along with a big discount.

Almost all of the items notify the condition of the product. This allows you to filter the items according to their status while giving you a peek at the product itself.

7. Try Out Amazon Gift Cards

A great way to avoid using your credit cards is by using Amazon gift cards. These cards can buy digital downloads such as Kindle content, music, and video downloads.

There are no charges for interest or fees, and you can shop without debit or credit cards. Gift cards are a great way to limit your spending and reliance on your debit and credit cards.

8. Look For Lightning Deal Products

Lightning deals hide in Today's deals on the left sidebar of the site. There, you can find great deals on items that have big price discounts for a very limited time.

Lightning deals can have from 5% to 90% off and can last minutes, hours, or days before it goes back to its regular price. If you are looking to buy something big on Amazon, it’s usually worth it to check the Lightning deals section.

Be careful, however, canceling your lightning deal offer, while the lightning deal is still ongoing, prevents you from getting the same deal again.

9. Make Use of Third-Party Sites

Third-party sites like Honey or CamelCamelCamel help look for an item's best prices online. Honey looks into your cart and searches for the best applicable coupons to lessen the price.

Meanwhile, CamelCamelCamel is a price tracking tool that alerts you on available Amazon price drops. Both sites check price history charts so you can identify the trends in a product's pricing, and be able to buy it at its cheapest.

10. Look Out For Student Discounts

If you are a student, Amazon also offers a great student discount for its student users. Amazon has its own Prime Student membership.

For only $6.49 a month, you get amazing access to all the benefits an Amazon Prime member has. At half the cost of membership and a free month trial, anyone with a .edu email can now enjoy the best Amazon has.

Now You Know How to Save on Amazon!

Thank you for reading! Now you know how to save on Amazon! Get on Amazon right now and get the most out of your shopping experience today.

Were we able to help you save money on Amazon? Do you want more Amazon articles like this? Feel free to check out our other posts and read more helpful guides, tips, and tricks to save money shopping online!

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