How Long Should Your Smartphone Last?

how long should your smartphone last phone longevity

Smartphones have become the number one item on everyone’s must carry list. This is because these tiny devices have become a huge part of society. In many ways, you simply cannot function without a smartphone in society. The huge demand for these devices is being met by an equally huge supply. There are dozens of smartphone manufacturing companies all across the world. And all of them are in a constant tussle for producing the best smartphone possible. 

It’s no secret that smartphone companies are always at war with one another. While this competition does guarantee healthy innovation, it can also be annoying at times. Every year, smartphone manufacturers push new models into the market. And they do a lot of things in order to persuade customers to buy newer phones. While having new phones to play with is great, there are also a lot of consequences. 

As a smartphone owner, you will often find yourself wondering when should you upgrade your device. If you listen to manufacturers, they will try and tell you that you should switch phones whenever a new model comes out. However, this practice is not healthy for your wallet and for your surroundings. A smartphone can last for around 3 to 4 years, perhaps even more if you have access to reliable repair labs such as BreakFixNow

Let’s try and find an answer to our question. The best way to do this is by taking a look at all the factors that determine the lifespan of a smartphone. 

Factors That Determine Your Phone’s Lifespan 

Overall Functionality 

Before anything else, a smartphone should be functional. These devices are all about practicality and versatility. As long as your smartphone is able to meet all of your needs then you should stick with it. If you like to do a lot of phone photography and your phone has a good camera, you don’t have to upgrade to a newer model. If you look at the comparison charts between flagships from the last few years, you will notice that the performance gap between newer and older flagships has been narrowing. This is due to the fact that innovation has slowed down in the smartphone industry. 

Software Updates 

Software is really important in smartphones. It plays a huge role in determining your device’s performance. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers use the software as an indirect way of persuading people to change their phones faster. An average smartphone receives software support for 1 to 2 years at max. After that, your phone stops getting official software updates. Meaning that your phone doesn’t receive the latest optimizations, features, and security updates. 

A while ago, someone exposed Apple for actually using software updates to “downgrade” older devices. Their software updates limited a device’s hardware capabilities. This goes to show that manufacturers certainly use the software in order to push devices into obsolesce faster. 

The Phone’s Model 

Despite what people think, the model of your phone isn’t the most important factor for determining your phone’s lifespan. However, it should be weighed in when you’re about to get a new phone. If your phone is a year or two old then you shouldn’t worry. Your phone’s looks might be outdated, but it will certainly be able to fulfill all of your needs. However, if your phone’s model is older than 5 years, it won’t be able to keep up with all the latest features and functionality that can be found in the market. 

The Amount Of Wear And Tear 

Smartphones are ridiculously fragile devices. And since they are in our pockets all day long, they get exposed to a lot of situations that are dangerous for them. A lot of us have to discard our old phones because they get damaged. A damaged or broken phone is a sad sight, but it isn’t irreversible either. 

If you have access to a good repair lab, you can have your phone fixed at a very affordable price. And once it has been fixed, it can continue to function without any issues. A good repair job can even extend the overall lifespan of your phone. 

The tricky part about getting your phone repaired is finding a decent phone repair company. There are loads of repair labs out there and most of them aren’t reliable. Some of them don’t have well-trained technicians, others don’t overcharge you or mislead you. It can be troublesome to find a good repair lab. This is why you should do a bit of research before actually going to a repair lab. Browsing through customer reviews on their social media and websites can be a great way to gauge a company. 

Smart Servicing For Smartphone Longevity

Ultimately, your phone’s lifespan depends on how well is your phone servicing you. As long as it fulfills your needs, you shouldn’t replace it needlessly.

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