Effective Ideas To Propel Brand Growth In The Post-COVID Landscape

how to propel brand growth post covid-19 landscape

The post-COVID world will never be the same for people and businesses. While social distancing is most likely to keep people in their homes, organizations will also have to embrace the new normal. And the new normal goes beyond switching to remote operations but also affects all other aspects of operations including branding. Obviously, you cannot expect to go slack with your branding initiatives in the post-COVID era because this is the time when you need to recover and get back on your feet. Now you will need to take a different approach that aligns with the changing audience expectations and reduced budgets. Fortunately, there are some simple measures that can take you a long way and bring great results without much effort. Here are some effective ideas that you can rely on for propelling your brand growth in the post-pandemic landscape. 

Prioritize Localization To Reach The Right Audience 

With a massive slowdown for international shipping and reduced interest of the buyers in global products, brands cannot expect to sell to an international customer base the way they used to. Though this spells big trouble for the global economy, you can use it as an opportunity to capture the local markets. Right now, your strategy should prioritize localization because these are the customers who will matter the most for any business ahead. The journey will be like moving back to the basics but you can expect a lot of competition here because this is probably what all the competing brands would be doing right now. 

Leverage Digital Media To Engage Customers 

Traditional branding with print and billboard ads will not be as important as digital branding in the new landscape. Just like e-commerce has become essential to survival for all brick-and-mortar brands, leveraging digital media does not remain a choice. The best way to gear up is by investing in a comprehensive digital branding strategy, right from SEO to take your website on top of search rankings to social media branding to build a distinctive presence across the entire social media platforms. Don’t forget online ads because they make your brand visible to the right audience. The good news is that digital branding is cost-effective as compared to conventional tactics. 

Think Out-Of-The-Box With Promotions 

The post-pandemic era will have you thinking beyond the ordinary when it comes to brand promotions. Partnering with celebrities and influencers may not be financially viable now because such collaborations often cost a fortune. Rather, you can invest in cross promotion to fortify your brand’s presence for now and the future. This amazing strategy involves a partnership with another business to promote each other’s products. So you get to extend your reach effectively without digging a hole in your pocket. Apart from that, it is a win-win relationship that fosters trust and loyalty with your partner and the audience for the long run. 

Support A Cause 

Big and small brands realize the value of supporting a cause in the crisis. Now is the best time to go the extra mile with your social responsibility because this strategy can give you a branding advantage as well. In fact, many brands are already doing this by designing well- thought campaigns that educate people about social distancing and other safety measures amid the pandemic. Others are making special efforts by offering donations, providing PPE equipment, and giving away hygiene merchandise like sanitizers for free. The idea is to create and spread the right message to influence your target audience and build a positive image for your brand. 

Go The Extra Mile With Customer Service 

Branding in the post-COVID era is geared up for a different approach as you need to go the extra mile with customer service. In fact, this measure can make more impact than any other form of advertising or promotion. Being available to the customers whenever they need you can make all the difference, particularly in such stressful times when people are yearning for real connections. It is best to have your customer service team always on their toes so that they can win you a branding advantage by satisfying the customers and winning their loyalty for your business. Giving better experiences means that they will stay with your brand and even recommend it to others as well. 

Build Your Brand In The New Economy

Considering all these strategies, it is clear that branding will be totally different in the future. Businesses that evolve will get a head start while the ones that fail to adapt will fall behind and probably never be able to recover again.

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