Companies Shifting To Hyper-V: Top 3 Case Studies

companies shifting to hyper-v backup case study

It’s not a secret that VMware has dominated the virtualization world for many years since its inception. Fortunately, other players have entered the market to stop a possible virtual monopoly by one player. For instance, it lost its worldwide dominance by 8% between 2008 and 2013 alone. Interestingly, this lost market share went to Microsoft’s Hyper-V, with its market share dropping from 64% to 56%. This drop gave Microsoft an 8% market share increase from 20% to 28%. Moreover, Microsoft Hyper-V has proved to be a cheaper option in many cases. 

With the numerous benefits of this software, it is not surprising that many organizations are shifting to Hyper-V backup and other related solutions. Let’s look at three case studies inside and outside the commercial sector to see how Toyota Tsusho in Africa, the University of Texas in the US, and the City of Yawata in Japan successfully transitioned to this backup method. We examine how their shift to Hyper-V solved their chronic organizational problems. 

1. Toyota Tsusho Africa 

Toyota Tsusho Africa Ltd supplies logistics services to the Toyota Tsusho Corporation. It was using VMware vCenter in its systems and planned a major overhaul to its infrastructure. The firm required security and virtualization licenses for VMware and to update its physical computers. However, the broadness of its IT undertaking forced it to seek a cheaper but equally effective solution. 

Moreover, it had other underlying issues requiring attention. Some of them were the streamlining of its administrative systems and execution processes. Lastly, it needed a system that could allow it to transition without undue delays or disruption to its daily operations. 

So, when the firm chose to move with Microsoft Windows Server 2012, it reaped the following benefits

• It experienced lesser strain on its tech expenditure; 
• It reduced its operational costs; 
• The company implemented all these changes within 22 days; 
• The company reduced its labor expenses; 
• It experienced a more productive workflow among its workers; 
• The firm enjoyed painless scaling of its IT department and the entire organization. 

2. The University Of Texas At San Antonio 

This university is another case study that illustrates why different companies are shifting to Hyper-V and the benefits they reap. This learning institution also had installed VMware in all its academic and administrative operations. It used the system to interact with its locality, advance student research projects, serve the community and assign homework to its students. However, all these benefits were coming at a higher cost that the university no longer wanted to bear. 

Therefore, it sought a cheaper option without compromising the quality of the output it was getting. It also wanted to gain greater integration in its system and hence, attain more efficient management. 

Therefore, it migrated to Windows Server 2012 R2. This shift brought it the following benefits: 

• Lower administrative costs; 
 Greater efficiency and simplicity while using one unified system that monitors everything simultaneously; 
 Excellent service to the community; 

3.  The City Of Yawata 

From the Far West, we move to the Far East and see how the city of Yawata in Japan benefited when it switched to Hyper-V. The city was facing severe problems with its physical servers as its e-government system progressed. The local government used Fujitsu hardware and Hyper-V virtualization to solve its problems, achieving the following results: 

 It reduced its IT energy consumption to enhance its environmental sustainability performance; 

 The city reduced 66% of its servers from twelve to four; 
 It saved more space, power, and hardware maintenance expenses by a whopping 66%; 
 It reduced time in restoring servers after hardware failure; 
 It maximized is IT resources; 
 The city enhanced its overall service delivery to the public; 
 It improved its business continuity levels. 

From local governments to universities and businesses, organizations are shifting to Hyper-V backup. Whether it’s in Africa, the Far East, or the Far West, the script is the same. All these case studies prove one fact: shifting to Hyper-V backup is beneficial. We hope these cases will inspire you to make an informed choice that’s worth your money and time.

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