Benefits Of Using E-Signature Software

benefits using e-signature software digital signatures

Introduction To E-Signatures

First of all, we should know that what is electronic signature or digital signature. Electronic signature is the modern-day alternative to a handwritten signature used on document as a proof of identity. Electronic signed document has the same legal standing as handwritten signatures. An e-signature is an advanced digital method of utilizing pen on paper. E-signature can be captured on a computer, tablet or mobile device. 

Sending a document or other contract that requires signatures electronically becomes even more convenient or user-friendly when you can ensure that those documents are both shared and stored securely. So, many free electronic signature software has been designed to help individual and companies sign off on document from anywhere without requiring their physical presence. 

These platforms enable users to sign any documents with the usage of computer, smartphone or tablet. These eliminate the need to prints, scan or fax- paper copies. Electronic signature software provides numerous cost and time saving benefits to an individual and business alike. 

Why Use E-Signature Software?

Electronic signature maker can be used to solve a multiple problem frequently encountered by business professional. In e-signature software reviews, users said decreasing document turnaround time and ensuring secure business records are two of the most significant business problems solved with e-signature software. 

The biggest benefit of utilizing signature maker is time saving. Customer relationships are enhanced because users and administration can make good on documentation promises. SO, there are so many reasons to use electronics signature software as they have so many benefits and so many features as well. 

Features Of E-Signature Software 

● Document Signing- Allow the users to easily signed documents. 
● Reminders And Expiration – It remind signers of documents to be signed and expired. 
● Mobile – Users can easily send and sign documents on mobile application or devices. 
● Mass Signatures – It has ability to send thousands of sign of signers at once. 
● Reporting – It provides standard reports and easy creation of custom reports to manage signature process. 

An E-signature software is an electronic process that is electronically attached or associated with record or contract by a person with the intention to sign that record. 

Benefits Of E-Signature Software

- You can get your document signed from anywhere, so distance won’t be a problem. 

- It eliminates the time and costs of scanning, printing, mailing and filling in paper document. 

- It is secure, convenient, fast which contribute to overall work and thereby increases the importance of e-signature in business. 

- With advanced e-signature software, we can protect our documents with high level security. 

- The prime benefit of e-signature technology is that it is independent of ink and printers and also reduce the use of faxing. 

- Eliminating paper can save our resources, time, money while helping to improve user experiences. 

- Now, we can say goodbye to those days when we were dependent on paper signature or manual signature and adopt the new electronic signature

Example Of E-Signature:

Electronic signature basically comprises of a scanned image of an individual’s ink signature, a hand signature being generated on a tablet, a signature at the bottom of our e-mail, a biometric hand signature signed on a specialized signing hardware device and lots more.

Esigngenie, a well-known company has come up with an advanced signature maker that has significantly helped numerous companies to take the e-signature without any hassles.

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