6 Ways To Prevent Your Startup From Ransomware Attack

ways to prevent startup ransomware attack

In today’s digital era, ransomware cyber-attacks are quite common to gain money (ransom) from potential entrepreneurs by threatening them to publish their confidential company data and block access. If you are looking to prevent your newly established business from ransomware attacks, then adopt the following techniques: 

Install Firewall Protection 

You need to install reliable firewall protection to protect sensitive data and confidential information of your startup from ransomware attacks. More firewall protection and antivirus software function to secure servers and ensure encrypted processes. Nowadays, Windows Firewall and firewall apps are best suited to recognize random traffic, cease ransomware attacks, and prevent valuable data from viruses. A firewall is essential to get control over ransomware before it has even initiated. 

Use Detection Software 

Investing in detection software is equally important to protect your startup from potential external threats. You are required to devise standard IT security measures to detect malware and ransomware beforehand. Establish an in-house security team that can work on software security holes. This way, you can effectively prevent malicious activities and software from infecting entire systems. Ransomware detection tools offer a multi-layered security system to deal with advanced types of malware. You should understand that detection software solutions are needed to safeguard your business from serious financial losses in the long-run. 

Have A Security & Disaster Recovery Plan 

It is imperative to have a security and disaster recovery plan for your startup so that you can implement necessary measures to fight against ransomware attacks. If you don’t have a good plan in place, it’s time that you seek professional assistance who can guide you to develop appropriate strategies to protect your startup against a ransomware attack. In the current business environment, ransomware investigation service providers are working to ensure prevention, detection, and remediation for existing businesses and rising startups. Having a plan in order is a reasonable practice to keep bad actors away and immediately return to normal operations. 

Enhance Email Security 

Improving spam and email security is another crucial measure to mitigate risks of ransomware attacks. It is known that ransomware attackers attempt to spread destructive malware activities through spam emails. They add a link that can directly download malware, adware, spyware, and other malicious activities in no time. Therefore, you are required to check on the recent advancements and anti-SPAM filters in your email settings to get control over the business inbox. Stay away from spoofed emails as they are generally used to trick startups and gain money from phishing activities. 

Conduct Employee Training 

Most importantly, you need to conduct training sessions so that your employees are well-aware of ransomware attacks. Work with in-house and outsource IT teams to arrange regular training so that your employees are skilled enough to identify possible threats and protect your startup from ransomware attacks. Encourage your employees to directly contact the IT department if they happen to receive any suspicious emails. Tell them to instantly delete such items from ‘inbox.’ Ask them to check the spellings of the sender’s email address so that they can identify the malicious emails before clicking on the attached links or files. 

Backup, Backup, & Backup 

You should understand that the best defense mechanism against ransomware is the daily backup, backup, and backup of critical business data. Having a backup of sensitive files is the best approach to outsmart ransomware attackers. This way, your startup wouldn’t be in a highly vulnerable place, and you can significantly cope with external threats. Backing up data is also advantageous to prevent unauthorized access. Data backup support can be achieved with cloud storage and removable disks. You can easily recover your files and valuable startup data by removing ransomware.

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