An ATS + CRM Can Transform Your Recruiting Agency

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The recruitment industry is the most competitive and it is a $500 billion industry worldwide. This growth is the action of higher competition among recruiters to source both candidates and companies for new business. To survive in this highly competitive industry you will need to build positive relationships with clients and understand their recruitment needs and requirements. You need to actively recruit passive candidates for jobs and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies at the right time and maintain a well-qualified and professional talent pool. 

It is a relationship-driven industry and it is essential to use customer relationship management techniques and networking to attract business from client companies. You can enter the recruitment industry and successfully compete with experience in sales, marketing, or any customer-oriented role. 

To maintain the growth and compete in the industry, the recruitment agency needs to be constantly looking for recruitment industry trends that all recruiters should be aware of and adapt to technologically advanced tools like Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to improve candidate experience and client engagement. An ATS+CRM can transform your recruiting agency. Here's why? 

An ATS & CRM software can boost the productivity of the hiring team and streamline the hiring workflow. ATS+CRM manages the recruitment process and automates most parts of the hiring process which can save a great deal of time so that you can focus on building quality candidate pool and build positive relationships with clients to get more job orders. Some of the most important features of a modern cloud-based recruitment software Recruiterflow are here: 

Job Posting

A recruitment agency software like Recruiterflow integrates with most popular job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, CV-Library, and much more. Along with that, it allows posting jobs on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc all in one place. 

Sourcing Tool 

A tool like Recruiterflow provides a built-in Chrome extension to source from sites like LinkedIn, Xing, Github, and many more in just 1-click which saves a great deal of time and makes it an efficient must-have tool. 


Be more collaborative with your team on notes, tasks, scheduling interviews, and get email notifications to remind you of all the activities happening in the hiring stage. This makes hiring a collaborative and team effort. 

Email And Calendar Integration

A modern ATS & CRM software provides two-way sync, which means you can send emails and schedule events on the calendar from your Gmail or Outlook account and they are all tracked in the system. 

Email Campaigns

A word-class ATS & CRM software will give you an ability to run email sequences for recruiting and business development. Connecting with the candidates by email even when they are not looking for jobs is essential to maintain a long-term relationship and email campaigns essentially help to communicate with current and potential clients for more job orders. In other words, if you effectively use email campaigns it can take your CRM game to the next level. 

Ramp Up Your Recruiting Agency

If you are running a recruitment or staffing agency you must incorporate the technologically advanced tools like Recruiterflow to effectively manage the hiring workflow and be in a more favorable position than others in this fiercely competitive recruitment industry to grow and compete efficiently.

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