4 Traditional Services That Are Moving Online

top traditional services moving online

When it comes to starting up a new business, the first question should always be where you think the market for it is going to be in five years or so. That used to be considered a minimum amount of time for how supply and demand and social changes can affect an industry, but thanks to the internet, things are moving lightning fast, and five years is almost considered a maximum. That means you can be sure that things are going to be different five years from now, so you should definitely plan carefully so you find yourself riding that wave, instead of being left behind. 

Dating And Relationships 

While the internet has changed how we interact with each other right from the start, since you were essentially sending text messages on a bulky desktop computer in the early in nineties, it is only going to become more commonplace to have completely digital friendships, and a whole lot more. The phone in your pocket makes finding someone close by who might want to meet up for a coffee, or for a wild time back at your place is only a few taps on your phone away. No matter where you are in the world, you can find a fellow traveller who you have plenty in common with to share an AirBnB, or you can quickly book a model escorts London night with the greatest of ease.

Creating a social media platform on the level of Twitter and Facebook might be a bit of an overreach, but with so many niche interests, it might be a good opportunity to build around certain bits of pop culture or past times to make a message board or dating site that revolves around that single interest that brings people together from all over to chat about it. 

Grocery Shopping 

Online shopping in general was slowly chipping away at the brick-and-mortar retail experience, and recent global events have only sped this process up. One of the most important rues of real estate is ‘location, location, location’, and more than a few good business ideas have gone into the dustbin of history simply because the actual store was in a spot that was hard to get to or had no foot or wheel traffic. The internet doesn’t have to worry about this, since it’s location is right in your hand at all times. And while Amazon is obviously the first one that comes to mind in terms of books and gadgets, with its acquisition of Whole Foods we can see how the grocery store business is going to be changing as well. There are fewer and fewer grocery stores within short driving distances of major population centres, and that means more and more people are going to be dependent on delivery than ever before. 

While this has already become commonplace in high-density cities like New York, London and Tokyo, running delivery services in your area can be a very lucrative business plan in the years moving forward. Groceries are not likes books, video games, or even clothes, since those items can take their time in arriving and the customer will only be slightly annoyed. But in terms of food, that has to be there on their doorstep right away, so playing the middle-man role between the warehouse or store and the home is going to be an essential one. 


While people need to communicate with each other and eat, going to the gym is completely optional. Obviously taking care of your health is important, but with more and more people in their twenties and thirties having not much disposable income, one of the things they have to quickly sacrifice is a regular gym membership, since even the cheapest ones can add up to a few hundred dollars every year. 

So what people are now turning to are workouts that they can do at home. Creating professionally made workout videos that are uploaded to YouTube can be done relatively cheaply, and if you have the right sort of trainer (who can enthusiastic and positive while still having the client work up a good sweat), the amount of views you get can skyrocket quickly. And while it would make sense to offer a large segment of videos available for free to make it more accessible to all, money can be made by offering private lessons (via a platform like Zoom) or even sponsorships or ads that play before or in the middle of the videos. 

The Office Itself 

Work from home is becoming a more and more attractive choice for people, and not just because they are sick of their commute. In fact, one of the best ways to have a ‘frugal business’ is by skipping having to lease floor space entirely. If more and more of your business is moving online, it makes sense that you don’t need to have a physical location to meet everyday and say the sort of things to each other that you can just say in an online morning meeting, and then send emails or texts throughout the day. Offering tools that make it easier to share documents quickly (or make changes to these files in real time so that people can always have the latest version) will become more essential over the next few years. Even selling streaming equipment like cameras and lights can be a good call. 


While working at home might not be for everyone because of the possibility of diversions, for many people it will not only save them time and money, but can be a much more relaxing environment. The best worker is a happy one, and it’s doubly rewarding that you can still technically be on time for work and contributing while still lying in your bed.

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